SmallHD PageOS 5 Beta 1 Released – New Features for 28 Monitors

SmallHD PageOS 5 Beta 1 Released – New Features for 28 Monitors

SmallHD has just released a new Beta 1 version of its PageOS 5 operating system. PageOS 5 brings new features to no less than 28 monitors and is compatible with all SmallHD monitors except the Action 5, RED Touch, and DP series. So let’s take a closer at everything new!

SmallHD recently launched the Action 5, a new entry-level on-camera monitor at an affordable price. I’m currently reviewing it, and I’ve been pretty impressed so far, so keep an eye on CineD to learn more about it.

If you’re new to SmallHD monitors, most of their products are powered by their in-house PageOS operating system. During NAB 2022, we had a chance to take a quick look and learn more about the upcoming PageOS 5 operating system. After a first Beta version, the company has just rolled out a new SmallHD PageOS 5 Beta 1 version that fixes several issues.

SmallHD PageOS 5 Beta 1 – what’s new?

The new SmallHD PageOS 5 operating system is getting close to its final version, and it includes several new features:

  • HDMI Out enabled for 4K Production Monitors (allows adding a 3D LUT to Output)
  • Multi-View on 4K Production Monitors
  • VISION monitors support dual-view
  • All other 4K production monitors support up to quad-view
  • Added a Horizon Indicator Tool (Add Tool > Frame > Horizon Level)
SmallHD PageOS 5 EL Zone tool. Image credit: SmallHD
  • EL Zone Tool
  • Option in the Exposure Assist tool. It only works when using a LOG Color Pipe.
  • Image Capture can’t currently capture the EL Zone tool
  • Added Touch Screen Function Buttons to touch screen monitors
  • Active 4K TX can now be assigned to a function button
  • Allows using function buttons to change between paired transmitters
The Look-Around Camera Control feature. Image credit: SmallHD
  • Look-Around Camera Control
  • Switch from tri-linear to tetrahedral LUT interpolation
  • Added support for 33pt Calibration LUTs on 4K Production Monitors
  • 4K Production Monitor Speakers are now enabled
  • Added configurable low voltage warning on 4K Production Monitors
  • Color Pipes can be assigned to function buttons
  • Allow users to assign unique calibrations to Color Pipes

As you can tell, the new operating system has a lot of ergonomic/UI improvements. Furthermore, some long-awaited features are finally here, such as the EL Zone Tool for precise and easy exposure adjustments.

The SmallHD Page OS 5 Beta 1 version also brings a couple of improvements:

  • General Performance improvements
  • Performance improvements when switching between Color Pipes
  • Added Input Tool, allows assigning a specific input to a video page
  • Updated RED Log3G10 LUT
  • Improved OLED 27 battery switching; should drain both batteries before dying.
  • Added UI indication when a monitor is outputting a video format to an attached 4K TX wireless module will NOT be able to transmit
  • Unassigned function buttons can now be configured to perform no action on press.
  • Added Dashboard Page to function button assignments
  • Allowed more granular backlight control. From 20% steps to 5% steps
  • Modified Waveform axis for clarity when showing code values on legal range data
  • Dropping calibration saturation to 0 now results in a grayscale image
  • Add LOG Color Pipes to ALL monitors (required for EL Zone Tool)
Image credit: SmallHD


The SmallHD PageOS 5 Beta 1 firmware update is compatible with 28 monitors, including the famous 501/502/701/702, the Focus 5/7, the Cine 7 and Indie 7, and much more.

Please note that some monitors are incompatible with PageOS 5, including the DSMC3 RED Touch, the Action 5, and all “legacy” monitors like the DP1, DP6, DP4, AC7, and DP7-PRO.


The SmallHD PageOS 5 Beta 1 firmware update is available to download now and is a free update. Of course, with every Beta version, we strongly recommend not updating your monitor if you’re working on critical projects.

What do you think about the new features in PageOS 5? Do you consider trying it, or are you waiting for the final version? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments down below!

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