Sony FS5 Features – In-Depth Run-Through Video

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Sony FS5 Features - In-Depth Run-Through Video


The new Sony FS5 is coming with an expected delivery starting in 2 weeks. In our exclusive review and our hands-on article we’ve taken a close look and think Sony has once again produced a highly relevant cinema camera.

Alister Chapman is the technical guru of Sony cameras and runs you through all the technical details the camera has to offer. It’s worth checking out this very informative video about all the Sony FS5 features, if you’re interested to understand the camera in its entirety.

Even if you’re not particularly after the Sony FS5 I guarantee you will enhance your general knowledge, especially when it comes to understand Sony’s S-log 2 and 3.

For easier navigation Alister has published a time index list to relevant sections of the video. If you liked the content please give the thanks to him, not us.

Alister’s website is located at:

Sections of interest

1:24 Start of presentation by Alister
2:45 Introduction of Alister’s work
7:12 Introduction of PXW-FS5 and it’s main features
10:38 What makes the PXW-FS5 different?
13:49 What the PXW-FS5 is NOT
25:37 But what it is…..
38:11 Usage in Gimble / drone
38:40 Cooling system
39:51 Lens options
41:41 Variable ND filter
49:35 Cool tricks (center crop, clear image zoom)
55:07 Cool tricks #2 (joystick on handgrip, stream live, upload to FTP, GPS)
59:14 Picture quality (Gamma curves, Cinegamma, S-Log) — 1 HOUR OF EXCELLENT TECHNICAL INFO OVER HERE!
2:08:15 First firmware versions limitiations
2:10:51 Recording modes, codecs, XAVC vs AVCHD, recording media and card slots
2:13:54 Super Slow Motion
2:18:31 Multi interface shoe
2:20:28 Why is it a star?
2:22:30 Model variations (kits)
2:23:00 Comparison: FS5 vs FS7 vs FS700
2:24:03 Sony Professional HDD RAID short info
2:26:10 Wrap up, prize draw
2:27:38 Alister’s shameless plug for Northern lights trip
2:28:47 Audience final questions

The presentation was held on October 22 & 23rd 2015, at the Vocas office in Hilversum, Netherlands.

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