SSD Grip for iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max Introduced – Convenient External ProRes Recording

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SSD Grip for iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max Introduced - Convenient External ProRes Recording

Sometimes we all benefit from a solution that emerges from an individual need. When Michael Tobin, a filmmaker and content creator, first tried to create a system to attach SSD drives to his iPhone, he found his solution flimsy, hard to grip, and not very secure. Then he reached out to Cliff Curtis to collaborate on creating a 3D printed model that could fulfill his requirements. Let’s have a look at what they came up with!

Smartphones’ video capabilities have been improving to an extent that was hard to imagine. The latest iPhone 15 Pro, with ProRes recording, parallax effect, etc., is a perfect example. The phone can now be considered a serious filmmaking tool, especially because they have now the option to record ProRes externally to an SSD drive. This immediately created a need for a way to attach the SSD to the phone, because no one wants a cable with an SSD tangling down from it when shooting.

Design development

Cliff and Kajun Curtis are a couple who lost their job during the pandemic, and that was the moment to pursue their dream of filmmaking. They opened their production company, Cliff and Kajun, where they film and provide 3D-printed modifications for filmmakers. For this SSD Grip, they partnered with Michael Tobin after his proposal and came up with a solution to attach SSD drives to the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. 

The prototype was made from rubber that could bend, allowing SSD drives to be attached to the phone. Once they had this figured out, they decided to go further and improve their design. 

The SSD Grip first prototype – Source: Michael Tobin

The current model allows access to the phone’s ports to connect a mic, a dongle, etc. Its design and the way it looks when you’re using it resembles vintage point-and-shoot cameras and allows for horizontal and vertical shooting. Some 1/4-20 screws have been added to add gear or to attach the smartphone to a tripod or gimbal. The grip size is slightly bigger than the iPhone itself, securing it from slipping while using it. In the final version, access to the SSD drive is more accessible, thanks to a change in the design.

The units are available in green and black matte.

Final model with screws to attach gear – Source: Michael Tobin

SSD Grip for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max’s features

  • Securely holds iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max and SSD.
  • 3 1/4 20 mounts on three sides allow for tripod mounting or adding accessories such as lights and mics. 
  • Vertical or horizontal tripod mounting.
  • Ergonomic grip helps keep shots smooth. 

The creators ensure every unit is printed individually. They also warn about small lines that may appear in the units during the 3D printing, but that only affect the models aesthetically.

An extended opening ensures easier access to the drive – Source: Michael Tobin

However, they are improving this as the design evolves. Keep in mind that this isn’t a large company mass-producing thousands of units. We are talking about two individuals taking care of the whole process, unit by unit.

Cables and adapters are not included. The designers’ idea is to let the buyers customize the grip to their needs and SSD models. 

This is how the final model looks in the filmmaker’s hands – Source: Michael Tobin

Price and availability 

The SSD Grip for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are available here on its creators’ site from $49.95.

What do you think about this piece of gear? Would you consider using the iPhone 15 Pro for your work? Let us know in the comments below!


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