Tascam DR-60D – dedicated, lightweight DSLR audio recorder

Tascam DR-60D Audio Recorder
Compact music & audio recorders have been the HDSLR filmmakers solution to recording sync sound with their DSLR, but none of them have been dedicated specifically for DSLR. This is how an audio recording device looks like that had a DSLR in mind during its creation.

When you’re using DSLR’s for your film-making then this newly announced audio recorder, the only of its kind so far, deserves a look.

dr-60d_w_dslr_rigTascam has made some famous portable audio recorders, but like anything that has to work with DSLR there’s usually some tinkering, workaround or limitation involved which already starts when mounting a bulky recorder with the cables sticking out at all the wrong places to your rig .

dr-60d_w_kameraWith the DR-60D Tascam tried to make a device that is lightweight and fits to your rig. If the setup as displayed on the left is the ideal place to put such a recorder is a valid question, but luckily there are more mounting points: The supposedly “rugged” DR-60D can also be mounted underneath the camera.

dr-60d_m_input_1_2_3-4So what else makes this thing special other than the form factor?
Well apparently they packed several features into the device to make shooting on a DSLR as convenient as they could. For example the DR-60D comes with an internal “digital slate” that will stamp a film-slate like sound on your track for better syncing.
Another feature is a dedicated 3.5mm output for your DSLR that has a dial to adjust volume, rubber buttons for silent operation, and there are two dedicated channels aside from the lockable XLR/TRS inputs that accept high powered video mic’s, among other things.
And there’s a limiter and mixer included (both very convenient features at times).

Those might not be the most ground braking or new features around, but it’s sure nice to have them conveniently packed into a device that is aimed at an ergonomic workflow and records your audio in high quality 96khz 24bits onto SD media.

Most important specifications:

  • SD/SDHC media
  • Simultaneously records up to 4 tracks
  • Recording format:16/24bit、44.1/48/96kHz (WAV/BWF)
  • Recording levels can be adjusted independently for the 1/L, 2/R and 3-4 inputs
  • Two XLR/TRS inputs support +4dBu line level input and phantom power supply (24/48V)
  • Plug-in power supply and high-output mic input supported on input 3-4
  • CAMERA OUT connector for output from the DR-60D’s mixer
  • CAMERA IN connector for sound monitoring from the Camera
  • Independent LINE OUT connector and HEADPHONE output for high-quality sound output
  • Tripod mounting threads (bottom) and DSLR screw attachment (top)
  • Handles protect the screen and can be used to attach a shoulder strap
  • Soft-Touch Rubber Keys for silent operation
  • Operates on 4 AA batteries, an AC adapter (sold separately) or USB bus power
  • Internal mixer: PAN and LEVEL controls
  • Low cut filter(40/80/120Hz)
  • Limiter (1/L and 2/R can be selected for link-operation)
  • Delay function for distance of microphones adjustments (+/-150ms)
  • Slate tone generator (AUTO/MANUAL)
  • Dual recording function allows two files to be recorded simultaneously at different levels
  • Auto-record function can automatically start and stop recording at set level
  • Pre-recording function allows the unit to record a 2 second sound buffer before recording is activated
  • Self timer function for solo recording
  • Equalizers function for playback, and level alignment function to enhance the perceived overall sound pressure
  • and more…

For a full list of features visit Tascam’s website: LINK

The device is available for pre-order and costs $349.


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