Teradek Launches Wavelength Sputnik – Low Latency Cloud Monitoring

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Teradek Launches Wavelength Sputnik - Low Latency Cloud Monitoring

Once a staple of film and video productions, Teradek has made strides to expand its low-latency video monitoring technology to a broader market. As a member of the Vitec Group’s Creative Solutions, Teradek launches Wavelength Sputnik, a new ultra-low latency monitoring server in partnership with Verizon and Amazon Web Services. How does this help filmmakers? Let’s find out.

Wireless monitoring solutions are a key part of large productions, be they narrative, corporate, or anything in between. Teradek’s Core Cloud Service offers IP video workflow for all sorts of productions such as events or multi-camera productions that have to stay mobile. Users can remotely configure and manage their Teradek IP video devices from a single interface, giving social distanced monitoring access to everyone on set. A boon for life in a pandemic. By partnering with Amazon Web Services and Verizon, Teradek has improved upon their original services by reducing latency even further. But how and why?

Teradek Core Cloud Services

The cloud has taken over. Some people got the memo, others haven’t. But in the grand scheme of things, we are all more connected than ever before. With their Core Cloud Services, Teradek has expanded the use case for their products beyond filmmaker and creative content. Education, sports, churches, even law enforcement are now discovering the benefits of Teradek’s technology. Think of it like trickle down economics, but it works for the benefit of everyone.

Teradek Link Pro for Core Cloud Services.
Teradek Link Pro for Core Cloud Services. Image credit: Teradek

The Core Cloud Service IP video workflow allows for streaming to multiple delivery networks such as Facebook or YouTube, while also providing archive and sharing solutions. Record on set and a producer or client can view the material halfway around the world.

The new partnership

In partnership with Amazon Web Services and Verizon, Teradek launches Wavelength Sputnik. A ultra-low latency monitoring server that reduces the latency of video monitoring to 160ms glass to glass. Meaning from lens to screen, the live video from a camera can be seen in 160 milliseconds. According to Teradek, this is a 50% improvement over their existing offering. By utilizing Verizon’s 5G service, users no longer need a Wi-Fi connection and can maintain monitoring connections all across the United States. At least according to Verizon.

Verizon 5G Coverage Map.
Verizon 5G Coverage Map. Image credit: Verizon

While Verizon does have nationwide coverage, use cases may vary as service is not a perfect blanket of the entire country. Filming in the desert with no cell service and while also wanting your client in LA to see what you’re seeing? Better send them the dailies.

Do you need it?

Are you running an event or large narrative production? If not, then you probably don’t need it. This technology is a behemoth solution for a problem most of us will never have. But just like Formula 1 racing technology eventually trickles down to a Toyota Corolla, Teradek’s ever-evolving monitoring solutions will one day be offered to budget filmmakers and creators. How, you say? How about shooting on set, having editor monitor and start cutting the footage, all while your producer oversees the production from their office. One day, our creative content will be as connected as we are.

What do you think of this new tech from Teradek? If you’ve already had access to this, would you want to use it on your productions? Let us know in the comments!

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