Teradek Vidiu-X Released – Compact HDMI HD Encoder

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Teradek Vidiu-X Released – Compact HDMI HD Encoder

The Teradek Vidiu-X is the latest HD streaming encoder featuring HDMI in/out, full app-based control, WI-FI, Ethernet and 3/4/5G support all in a compact design.

The Teradek Vidiu-X is a HD encoder designed to promptly set up and live-stream to popular sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo. You can connect your device (whether camera or switcher) via HDMI and configure it via a smartphone-based app or the front control panel.

Teradek has looked to make the Vidiu-X compact and easy to use; with the app support it’s entirely possible to operate this device without a dedicated computer (although there is, of course, a web interface control panel if required).

The compact size, 10x7x3cm (4.1×2.9×1.1”) and weight of 158g/5.6oz, makes it a sleek solution for operators wanting live-stream on the go.

Teradek Vidiu-X controlled via smartphone app. Source – Teradek 

How does it connect?

The Teradek Vidiu-X connects to the internet in three ways – cable via Ethernet, wireless via WI-FI (2.4/5GHz), or 3/4/5G.

The latter means you do not need a local access point; with a USB dongle you can create your own remotely.

For the most reliable connection, the Teradek Vidiu-X provides Network Bonding (via a paid ShareLink subscription), nothing new for this type of hardware, but a significant feature nonetheless.

Network Bonding allows you to connect via multiple methods (Ethernet/WI-FI/4G), formulising the bandwidth into one connection.

This not only combines speeds of multiples connections, but also allows a degree of redundancy if one signal drops out or slows down.

What Peripherals does it have?

The Teradek Vidiu-X features both and HDMI in and out. This allows pass-through imaging for external monitoring, which is useful if you are shooting in a compact scenario and want your encoder to be the first-in-line in the output chain.

Another neat feature highlighted in the above B&H video is that the output is configurable (scaling/de interlacing), therefore the Vidiu-X can also be used as a signal convertor.

Audio can be line or mic, and accessed via a 3.5mm jack as well as HDMI embed.

There is an SD card slot to record compressed versions of your HD stream as a low-res backup. Mounting can be achieved by a standard ¼ 20” thread on the bottom.

There is a USB-C for power, and this is the exclusive method of powering for the Teradek Vidiu-X.

Furthermore, there are Ethernet and USB Type A ports for cabled and dongle internet, respectively.

Image source: Teradek 

How does it compare?

The Teradek Vidiu-X looks like an entry-level product to the Teradek HD encoding family on paper; the price point alone suggest this (see below).

But there are many overlapping features to the next product up that provide a potential to appeal to quite a few workflows.

Said next product up is the Teradek Vidiu-Go, and despite it having some features that could clearly be considered an ‘upgrade’ (HEVC encoding, SDI support, inbuilt battery) the size, lack of video out, lower max bitrate and lack of WI-FI 6 suggests that it is either being phased out or will also be updated.

Pricing and availability

Currently, the Teradek Vidiu-X starts at $699, which is half the price of the existing Vidiu-Go and well in the mix with close competitors.

For full access to features, you’ll need to also consider a ShareLink subscription, details highlighted above.

What do you think about the new trend of compact streaming devices? Share your thoughts and expectations in the comments below!

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