The Axiom Camera: 4K, 150fps, 15 Stops Range, Sub $10K

First came the Blackmagic Camera now there’s another brand that enters the digital film revolution. The name is Axiom, a camera concept ready to be produced by Apertus, a brand that evolved around an open source camera project in 2006. Much like RED, the Apertus idea started with the need for a great cinema camera on a forum and gathered film enthusiasts. Today they are ready to produce a serious cinema camera to defeat the competition and make today’s digital filmmakers happy.

Their approach is quite interesting. Not only do they intend to fund everything through Kickstarter, but they decided to wait with their announcement until they were they could do it. It seems that point has been reached and the campaign is scheduled for fall.

we made sure that what we announce is solid and well thought through. But still a word of precaution: We will need your help to create Axiom, only if we manage to succeed with our kickstarter campaign we will be able to afford the development.

On the left you can see a live model of the Axiom predecessor, the Elphel camera.

– 4k resolution
– Super35 sensor
– Global shutter
– Up to 15 stops dynamic range
– High speed at full resolution
– Cinema DNG raw recording
– Well below $10,000 target price

Expect more news from these guys. Here’s the website for some more info:

via nofilmschool

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