The Letus full RIG solution for Scarlet-X

November 22nd, 2011 Jump to Comment Section

Yesterday I talked about the problems of using the Scarlet-X with a conventional HDSLR rig (or any other lightweight, handheld rig for that matter).

On the left (click on it) you can see one possible solution that will be offered by rig manufacturer Letus.
In a phone conversation with Letus president Hien Le Tu he made it clear to me that they had cracked their head open to get their design right.

You might have heard about the “MCS line” by Letus which they have also developed in collaboration with acclaimed Hollywood (and HDSLR) shooter Shane Hurlbut asc. They’re offering packages for Canon HDSLRs, 1Dx, FS100, F3 and now also Epic and Scarlet-X.

The rig without FF and Mattebox starts at $2795
And has been added to the Scarlet-X buyers guide:


How did you overcome the height issue I mentioned here?
Hien Le Tu: The FF can reach the smallest lens without a problem due to the rosettes arm design (it can go much higher even).
It seems they didn’t have to, instead their Follow Focus is just flexible enough to reach up very far and their Mattebox seems to be snapped onto the lens.

How do you mount the camera on a tripod? Do you have to take apart the rig?
Hien Le Tu: When you take off the genuine leather pad by just un-velcro it, the plate is a touch and go plate that fit perfectly onto many popular heads like the O’connor 1030HD (…) on the bottom of the touch and go, there would be 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 threaded holes.

Hien also mentioned that their Follow Focus is $799 and their Mattebox with all flags and everything is $1199. You can get their stuff here.

We have yet to see and test if the Letus gear is fit for Scarlet-X. Hien seemed very confident about his product though. He said:
Quote: “Sebastian, I’ll send you a rig for testing and I’m so confident that you’ll like it I’ll send you a check over $10000 that you can cash immediately if you don’t like it.”

I’ll take him up on that.

Below is a nice hands on video from our friends over at which Rod Clark captured at the Letus MCS release party:

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