The Ultimate Stabilizer? Sachtler Trinity, a Gimbal/Steadicam Combo

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We spoke with Curt Schaller from Sachtler about their innovative gimbal/stabilizer combo called the Sachtler Trinity (Artemis Trinity) and Artemis Maxima (gimbal only). 

Yet another gimbal? No! This gimbal has a payload of 30KG. Will this be the revival of the stabilized system?

There was always a niche in the gimbal market. With no gimbal (except for extremely expensive options) to carry higher payloads, the Artemis Maxima can carry up to 30KGs. The combination of camera and lens size does not matter, as it is ring shaped and can counterweight any length of camera.

One of the most significant features of the Maxima gimbal is its weight compensation, which means when switching lenses (short to a long zoom lens for instance), there is NO need to rebalance.

The Artemis Maxima can be used as a handheld gimbal, or in combination with Sachtler’s Artemis Trinity steadicam solutions.


Market price of the Artemis Maxima is EUR 15,800 and they are directly available through Curt Schaller at Sachtler. Just contact him here: curt.schaller(at)

The Artemis Trinity will allow existing stabilised systems to be upgraded to more modern standards. With the Artemis Maxima as its gimbal head, the trinity allows for 2-axis operation, with control of tilt and pan at your finger tips.

With a payload of 30Kg’s, Curt demonstrates the ability to go from a low-angled shot to a high-shot on the fly with stable horizons. This system sure is a force to reckon with.

Video explaining the Maxima gimbal without the Maxima Gimbal system:

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