VoxBox Air by PrimeLight Design Announced – Eye Contact to Interviewer with Small Foldable Box

VoxBox Air by PrimeLight Design Announced - Eye Contact to Interviewer with Small Foldable Box

PrimeLight Design has released VoxBox Air, a tool that ensures eye contact between the talent and the interviewer while talking directly to the camera during an interview. At the same time, it can work as a teleprompter. Let’s see how it works!

PrimeLight Design is a British design and manufacturing company specializing in interviewing, teleprompting, and webcasting devices. Their new release, the VoxBox Air, is a portable and lightweight version of the VoxBox Pro, more suited for heavy shootings and rigs. The device would be interesting for documentary shooters, video journalists, and digital marketers, to name a few.

Engaging interviews and speeches

If you have filmed interviews, you know how tricky it can be to set up the shot and establish eye contact with the interviewees. That is especially difficult when we want our talent to talk to the camera. Although documentary filmmakers have solutions and techniques for this issue, the VoxBox Air simplifies things since it can be set up in a few minutes with no tools or adapters.

The system allows for maintaining eye contact while talking to the camera. – Source: PrimeLight Design.

A two-way mirror system is used that allows the talent to be natural while looking at the camera because they can maintain eye contact with us while talking. The beamsplitter ensures the interviewee sees the interviewer’s face in front of the lens. The benefit is double: the talent feels relaxed thanks to eye contact while engaging the audience by looking directly at the camera.

VoxBox Air – lightweight and straightforward setup

The VoxBox Air is made of carbon fiber reinforced polymer and weighs 3.9kg/8.6lb. The side mirror is adjustable, giving us options to where to position ourselves during the interview. The foldable and lightweight design is also helpful with reduced crews and tight locations. 

The device attaches to 15mm bars like a matte box and is ready to go. It comes with a 16mm bar that connects to a standard light stand for those who don’t have the 15mm bars, and the inbuilt filter tray is another advantage that allows us to use standard 4×4 filters. 

Finally, the supplied tablet holder clips on top of the box, allowing us to clamp any device and use the VoxBox Air as a teleprompter. 

Price and availability

The VoxBox Air retails at €1,539.95 and will be available in late June 2024. You can sign up for the PrimeLight Design newsletter to learn when the VoxBox Air will be shipping. 

What do you think of the VoxBox Air? Have you used a similar device for your interviews? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 


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