Wooden Camera Announce New Wi-Fi Side Plate and Other Tools

Wooden Camera Announce New Wi-Fi Side Plate and Other Tools

Camera support and accessory manufacturer, Wooden Camera, announces a range of new products including a Wi-Fi Side Plate & V-Lock Wedge System.

Wooden Camera is known for its flexible rigging, cage and accessory products. Today it has announced a barrage of new tools for use with their existing tools:

The Wooden Camera Wi-Fi Side Plate:

wooden camera wi-fi

First up is the Wi-Fi Side Plate, which attaches to your RED Weapon, Scarlet-W or Raven and replaces the built-in antenna with an external, improving the signal range when controlling the camera via FoolControl. The Wi-Fi attaches to the right side panel, meaning it doesn’t block any access to other controls or products like the side handles or the included cover plate.


The Wi-fi Side Plate comes in at $499 and is available from Wooden Camera for pre-order with shipping estimated at the end of July!


The Wooden Camera Pass Through Top Plate:

Next up is the Pass Through Top Plate, which attaches to the top of a RED Weapon, Scarlet-W or Raven, expanding its mounting capabilities with an array of 1/4″ and 3/8″ screw holes. The killer feature is a 26pin LCD Connection so you can mount your monitor, controls or viewfinder on it, as well as a 3pin trigger handle interface for when shooting with a grip arm.

Wooden Camera pass through plateWC_pass2

The Top Plate is available for pre-order now at $350, also with an estimated shipping of late July.

The Wooden Camera V-Lock Base Station and Wedge Kit:

Also announced is the V-Lock Base Station and Wedge Kit, a quick lock and release device that can hold accessories to the side of the camera. Also known as V-Dock, it’s deal for use with control units or other removable accessories. It also includes 1/4″, 3/8″ and accepts ARRI accessory mount pins for adding and combining a variety of equipment.

WC_Vl1Wooden Camera V-lock

The Base station and Wedge Kit can be purchased for $135.00, with extra wedges available for $55.00 if you’re using multiple accessories. Estimated shipping at the end of July.

The Wooden Camera Smartphone Clamp

Lastly is the Smartphone Clamp. It’s a holder for a range of phones up to the iPhone 6s in size, very useful if you’re also using the FoolControl app. It can be easily mounted on the plates by a magic arm, or with the V-Lock Base Station by attaching a wedge to the clamp. It comes in at $95, shipping is the same as above.

Wooden camera smartphone

So there you have it. Wooden Camera certainly introduced a multitude of accintroduce at CineGear to keep those RED beauties dressed nice and sexy for the summer.

Stay tuned for a number of product news videos from CineGear which we’ll release over the course of the coming week.

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