Wooden Camera ARRI LPL Mount Adapters, Vertical Mounting Kits, and Bridgeplates Introduced

The US-based camera accessories manufacturer Wooden Camera has a few new products, which were supposed to be featured during this year’s NAB Show in Las Vegas. They launched new ARRI LPL Mount Adapters for Leica L Mount and Canon RF Mount, new vertical mounting kits for camera and monitor, and new 15mm and 19mm Bridgeplates. Since there is no NAB this year, we gave them space in our cinema5D Virtual Show. My colleague Graham Sheldon virtually interviewed Ryan Schorman from Wooden Camera about the new products.

Wooden Camera Announces New Products. Source: Wooden Camera

Wooden Camera ARRI LPL Mount Adapters

The new ARRI LPL Mount adapters from Wooden Camera allow mounting LPL lenses like ARRI’s Signature Prime cinema lenses to mirrorless cameras. There are two versions – one for Panasonic Leica L Mount and one for Canon RF Mount.

Both versions have a 1/4-20 threaded hole on the bottom to reduce strain on the camera mount by attaching to a tripod or the vertical lens support hole in a cage. A third tab is included for use with mount when not installed in a cage. The LPL mount cap is also included.

Wooden Camera New ARRI LPL Adapters. Source: Wooden Camera

For their adapters, Wooden Camera sets the flange focus using collimation tools. The adapter’s flange distance can, however, be adjusted with shims – by loosening six socket cap screws around the collar area, separating the two sections, and adding color coded shims of various thicknesses. Back focus should be checked using collimation tools or a wide lens focused to infinity.

Shim Set (stackable to achieve necessary thickness) – Silver .0127mm (0.0005″), Amber .0254mm (0.001″), Purple .0381mm (0.0015″), Red .0508mm (0.002″), Green .0762mm (0.003″), Tan .1016mm (0.004″), Blue .127mm (0.005″).

The adapter weighs 216g (0.5 lbs) and its dimensions are 81.8 x 81.8 x 46.5 mm (3.2 x 3.2 x 1.8 in).

Wooden Camera Vertical Mounting Kits

The following three products can be paired together to create a vertical filmmaking and monitoring configuration. It is aimed for shooting with smaller setups such as mirrorless or DSLR cameras.

Wooden Camera Vertical mounting. Source: Wooden Camera

The first product is the Wooden Camera’s Mini Vertical Camera Bracket. It is an L-shaped aluminum bracket that allows for universal vertical mounting of smaller cameras for creating vertical content. It is an addition to a larger bracket that Wooden Camera already offers for larger cinema cameras.

Next is the Director’s Monitor Cage Vertical Conversion Kit. This kit can basically reposition the handles on Wooden Camera’s monitor cage so that the monitor can be comfortably held and viewed vertically. When the kit is attached, the handles can be switched between horizontal and vertical mode without tools.

Wooden Camera Monitor Vertical mount kit. Source: Wooden Camera

Finally, Wooden Camera also introduced new Micro Touch and Go System which is a useful industry-standard quick release system compatible with Sachtler FSB 10T, 8T, FSB 6T, Touch, and Go Plate S.

Wooden Camera Quick Release Bridgeplates

In short, Bridgeplates are being used between a camera and a rod baseplate and they allow for correct rod height with various cameras. Wooden Camera already offers 15mm and 19mm Bridgeplates, but the new ones were redesigned and they offer a new two-stage locking mechanism.

The release lever can be opened halfway to allow for the Bridgeplate to slide and change position while still being securely attached to the rods. When the lever opens all the way, the Bridgeplate can be dismounted from the rods. The new Bridgeplates are, of course, available in both 15mm and 19mm versions.

Price and Availability

The ARRI LPL adapters are shipping this week. Both Panasonic Leica L Mount to ARRI LPL Mount Adapter (276500) and Canon RF Mount to ARRI LPL Mount Adapter (276600) are priced at $599.

The vertical mounting kits from Wooden Camera should start shipping in early May. Mini Vertical Camera Bracket (277200) will cost $195, Director’s Monitor Cage Vertical Conversion Kit (277300) will sell for $45, and the Micro Touch and Go System (276700) will cost $399.

Both new Quick Release Bridgeplates (19mm – 277000, 15mm Studio – 277100) will start shipping in mid-May and the price has been set to $499.

What do you think about the new Wooden Camera accessories? If you use Wooden Camera accessories, how are you satisfied with them? Let us know in the comments underneath the article.

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