Wooden Camera Collection of Accessory Plate Systems Introduced

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Wooden Camera Collection of Accessory Plate Systems Introduced

A while ago, the U.S. accessory mounting manufacturer Wooden Camera has announced a new plate system range that has been in the works for some time. Let’s take a look at the details.

Anyone who has rigged a camera knows that this kind of prep for shooting is crucial for a good day’s shoot. Optimal placement is always the goal, and Wooden Camera’s recent plate systems aim to help.

The new products are designed to offer more secure mounting points for a build, whether they are cheese plates, hook and loop plates, hinges, or clamps.

Added accessory plates

Wooden Camera’s new collection of accessory tools. Image credit: Wooden Camera.

Wooden Camera’s new designs are either cheese plates or a hook and loop format. Sizes are from 5x5in to a 2x2in plate, with 3x5in and 2x5in offered as well. You get a variety of mounting holes on the front, back, and sides, suitable with any Mini Rail accessory.

⅜” -16 and 1/4″ -20 thread options will suit accessories like a Preston MDR, Anton Bauer Battery Plate, and others. Also, bolt-on accessory plates – ¼” -20 mini-version and ⅜” -16 small or mini-version – would be used for small timecode boxes and audio hops.

Mini rail mounts and hinges

These mini rails mount the new accessory plates and come in 100mm, 60mm, and 40mm sides. Given the numerous mounting options provided by the plates, the rails can be attached either vertically or horizontally. Ensuring a secure fit involves using low-profile screws equipped with ball plungers when they are slid into place.

Wooden Camera’s new range of accessory mounting tools. Image © Wooden Camera.

Wooden Camera’s Universal Accessory Hinge and Clamp system is a standalone product that integrates mounting accessories with a ⅜” -16 mount, and movable pins enabling a 90-degree tilt, and compatibility with the new plates and rail mounts.

More clamps and offset brackets

Wooden Camera’s new accessory tools include clamps and hinges. Image © Wooden Camera.

A 15mm dual rod clamp includes 4x 3/8″ -16 mounts with pinholes built into the middle. One potential scenario is to combine it with a Universal Hinge system, allowing you to add a battery plate using a 2×5″ cheese plate. The result would give you a tiltable option from the top or bottom rail.

Another idea would be to mount a range finder system to the front rails so you can move it when changing from primes to zooms. Dual tie-down knobs secure your accessories against slippage.

Finally, an offset bracket using a ⅜” -16 with mounting pins gives you another mounting point connecting to the camera or camera cage.

More details of the new range at Wooden Camera.

In the comments section below, let us know if you already use Wooden Camera mounting options in your daily life or if you plan to.

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