Wooden Camera Introduces the Zip Box – Ultra Lightweight Mattebox

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You know those products where you think, “Why hasn’t anyone designed one of those before?” Well, Wooden Camera has just done something like that with the new Zip Box, an incredibly lightweight filter tray series for industry standard 4X4″ and 4X5.65″ filters.

There’s many a time when you’ll be trying to save weight, and not in the eating-less sense. Gimbal devices, drone setups, nimble run n’ gun; they all require lightweight camera configurations.

Filmmakers will also find themselves in situations where either their cameras won’t have internal ND,  they’ll want more control than what is available with in-camera filtration, or the variable NDs carry too many unwanted characteristics.

This is when you turn to a mattebox. However, this is also when your rig starts to get heavier and more expensive.

zip box

Enter the Wooden Camera Zip Box, a very simple rubber hood that houses a single industry standard-sized filter, much like a lightweight clip-on mattebox.

Unlike a lightweight clip-on mattebox, however, the Zip Box comes in at a very affordable sub $100 price.


How does the Zip Box work?

Very simply, you insert the filter into the rubber, the shape of which holds the filter in place. A metal clamp on the back then ensures the Zip Box holds onto the outer diameter of the lens.

Wooden Camera has included compatibility for two industry standard filter sizes: 4X4″ and 4X5.65″.


Lens diameter sizes vary quite a lot, however. Therefore, Wooden Camera are releasing 3 Zip Box sizes, including 80-85mm, 90-95mm and 110-115mm (this one available in 4X5.65″ only).

Not to be confused with internal diameter of the end of your lens (the filter thread size), the Zip box measurements are for the outer diameter. For example, a stills lens with an 82mm filter thread will more than likely have an 85mm outer diameter.

Wooden Camera ensures all stills lenses are compatible (including very small ones) by offering a set of step-up rings, increasing the outer diameter of your lens to 85mm.

If you rent a lot of different lenses or have a large collection of different-sized lenses, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can buy the Wooden Camera Zip Box in sets. Simply choose your desired filter size and get 2 or 3 Zip Boxes in a bundle, including the step-up rings.


I really like the look of these; a full set in either size is priced way under my Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom lightweight mattebox (despite it having advantages with speed of operation and expansion). The Wooden Camera Zip Box smashes the theory of having to bulk up in size and cost should you want to use proper filtration.

With IBC happening now, Wooden Camera have also announced a power distribution D-Box for the DSMC2 REDs and Ultra Arm set for monitor and accessory mounting.

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