ZERO OPTIK Pinhole Camera Lens for Cinematography

ZERO OPTIK Pinhole Camera Lens for Cinematography

Zero Optik have engineered a PL mount, 35mm pinhole lens for cinematography with switchable apertures of f/87.5, f/175, and f/350.
However rather than a re-housed, plastic or ‘cheap’ model, the guys at Zero Optik have seen a niche for a professional standard lens and designed one that is a practical and well-made filmmaking tool.

The video was shot on an A7S II with the aperture set to f/175 which creates a bloomy and soft look but has a unique aesthetic if you’re looking for that effect in-camera. The deep depth of field gives it a Greg Tollen looking atmosphere similar to that of Citizen Kane’s deep focus.

The lens can accommodate matte boxes and 86mm threaded filters, giving the lens scope for use on rigs, or adding ND filters for long exposure photography, for example.

zero optik pinhole

The 35mm focal length was chosen as it covers all sensor sizes, and has a wide field of view. The PL mount is an interesting choice and will work well for users of Blackmagic cameras, or higher end cinema cameras too. There isn’t an EF mount version, but adapters come in at relatively low cost.

ZERO OPTIK Pinhole Specs

  • Focal Length: 35mm
  • Aperture(s): f87.5, f175, f350
  • Lens Mount: Arri PL
  • Filter Threads: 86mm
  • Front Diameter: 95mm
  • Body Length (w/o Caps): 3.78in (96mm)
  • Weight: 0.80 lbs (362 g)
  • Body: 7075 Anodized Aluminum w/ 316 Stainless Steel Mount

Included in Kit

(1) 35mm PL-Mount Pinhole Lens
(1) 95mm Front Cap
(1) Rear PL Cap
(3) Interchangeable Pinholes (100, 200, and 400 Micron Diameters)
(1) Custom-Foamed Hard Carry Case

pinhole lens

The lens has rather specific applications for it to become a part of your normal kit bag. For expanding your creative horizons or capturing effects in-camera, however, it is certainly a professional way to do so.

More info about Zero Optics can be found on their website. It will be cool to try the lens out.
They are also available at

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