ARRI ALEXA 35 Live – Multicam System Introduced – Cinematic Quality for the Live Entertainment Sector

ARRI ALEXA 35 Live - Multicam System Introduced - Cinematic Quality for the Live Entertainment Sector

Adding to their range of live entertainment production solutions, ARRI has announced the new ALEXA 35 Live – Multicam System. The ALEXA 35 Live integrates seamlessly into existing live production workflows but still maintains the flexibility of a dockable camera. Plus, it brings the cinematic image quality of the ALEXA 35 camera to concerts, sports events, talk shows, and everything in between. The Live Multicam System is the result of ARRI’s major commitment to the live entertainment sector, so let’s take a look at the details.

Because of its image quality and high reliability, ARRI equipment has been used in numerous live production scenarios over the past eight years, excelling in capturing the details in difficult lighting situations – for example, during halftime shows at major sporting events (NFL Super Bowl) or high-end concerts (Adele, Coldplay), notably with extreme lighting. The ALEXA 35 Live camera is based on the ALEXA 35, which we have reviewed in detail – ( you can also see our Lab Test here!). They share the same hardware, so the same sensor and image processing. Have a listen to Johnnie and Nino discussing the System in this week’s Podcast leading up to NAB 2024 as well.

ARRI’s goal is to bring the “cinematic ARRI look” to live productions, and they achieve it through the camera’s Super 35 4.6K sensor, which provides a very shallow depth of field for excellent separation capabilities. And then there’s that incredible 17-stop dynamic range that pulls out all the detail in both the highlights and shadows. 

In addition, through ARRI’s proprietary REVEAL color science (designed specifically for the ALEXA 35), color reproduction is faithful and skin tones are true-to-life. With the camera’s high sensitivity, there is minimal noise in low light and highlights roll off naturally, which avoids unwanted clipping and preserves bright area detail.

Making the look your own

If you are looking to create something unique, the ALEXA 35 Live – Multi Camera System has got you covered there as well. First, in the camera, you will find the ARRI Look Library with 87 pre-made looks (including a few made specifically for live productions) ready to use at the touch of a button. In addition, to modify grain and contrast, there are five Multicam and eight Cine-style ARRI Textures available, with the possibility of downloading other textures from the ARRI website.

The ALEXA 35 Live – Multicam System. Source: ARRI

The System’s features

The Alexa 35 Live Multicam System consists of five components:

  • ALEXA 35 Live Camera,
  • Live Production System LPS-1 (Fiber Camera Adapter and Fiber Base Station),
  • the Skaarhoj RCP,
  • Accessories that complete the system (For example, ARRI Touchdown base and receiver plates, an adjustable monitor yoke, a new, quick-fit ARRI Large Lens Adapter for rapid setup with box lenses, and more.)

The Camera

During live productions, you can record full-quality ProRes in-camera for flexible post-production options. The in-camera recording allows stand-alone operation of the camera without the Fiber Camera Adapter. The Alexa 35 Live Camera comes with a modular lens mount system compatible with LPL, PL, EF, and B4 mounts, supplying a wide selection of lenses for various shooting scenarios. There is a Multicam License pre-installed, and you can upgrade to an optional Cine License to get the full ALEXA 35 features.

The FCA/FBS web interface. Source: ARRI

Live Production System LPS-1

The Fiber Camera Adapter and the Fiber Base Station can be connected via a hybrid fiber cable, providing both power and uncompressed 4K video transmission up to 2km/1.25 miles, or through a tactical fiber cable extending up to 10km/6.2 miles. An additional fiber tunnel and Ethernet tunnel provide added flexibility for accommodating more signals, such as video, audio, or control. Both the Fiber Camera Adapter and the Fiber Base Station have status displays so you can make any adjustments that you need immediately.

Skaarhoj RCP

The System can support various established remote control panels, but the Skaarhoj RCP is recommended. The Skaarhoj RCP, utilizing ARRI’s CAP (Camera Access Protocol), enables traditional live painting and full camera setting control, which includes some functions that aren’t normally available in other RCPs, such as adjusting frame rate, initiating REC start/stop, managing playback, selecting looks and ARRI Textures, among others.

Seamless integration with multi-camera environments. Source: ARRI

ALEXA 35 Live – Multi Camera System – specs

Here is an expansive view of the specs:

Pricing and availability

If you would like to order the ARRI ALEXA 35 Live – Multi Camera System, you will need to place an order on their site. The System is available in different sets according to customer’s needs. There are also Multicam extension sets for current ALEXA 35 owners who want to expand into live production. ARRI notes: “A critical part of these sets are the many bespoke accessories that ARRI has created to tailor the system to different styles of live, multi-camera shooting.” You can get more information or place an order on their website here.

What are your thoughts about the quality this kind of System will bring to the plate of live entertainment productions? Let us know in the comments!

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