IBC 2013 – Arri AMIRA, The new documentary-style camera

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IBC 2013 - Arri AMIRA, The new documentary-style camera


Arri just announced a run-and-gun camera that seems to fulfill every documentary filmmakers dream. A complete “compact” working tool with Arri Alexa quality, slow motion capabilities, zoom control and no setup time working right out of the box.

You could think of it like an old fashioned video camera that had all the ergonomics and versatility laid out for fast one-man poduction, be it a documentary film or news gathering or old fashioned home videos. Here’s a complete solution that brings back all these qualities but made for “cinema” grade results made by the most reliable camera manufacturer of our time.

amira2This is an exciting product, so exciting we know it’s going to cost a lot more than most of us could afford. This is definitely a rental camera, not like a 650D you’ve got lying around in your equipment drawer. This is a serious cinema camera, not only for its sensor design, but also because it brings what the Arri Alexa provided: the ergonomics, quality and workflow that helps filmmakers make the best images possible.

cfastIn terms of workflow Arri integrated “CFast 2.0” which is an in-camera CF memory slot with super-quick data rates. CFast 2.0 is an open format said to deliver a fantastic price-performance ratio through incredible transfer speeds, long recording times and compatibility with standard IT tools. Costs per GB are brought down and higher-than-broadcast-quality image pipelines are made available even to low budget productions.

Here are the key features of Arri’s new Amira:
• Ready to pick up and shoot straight out of the camera bag.
(including startup)
• creative liberation through functional, user-friendly design.
• same amazing sensor as Arri Alexa.
• records HD 1080 or 2K (with 4K imager).
• 14 stops (clean!) dynamic range.
• up to 200fps.
• ProRes LT, 422, 422HQ or 444 codecs.
• Integrated, motorized ND filters.
• peaking, false color, zebra.
• OLED viewfinder with extendable LCD on the side.
• comes with a number of preloaded 3D LUT-based looks for fast grading.

And here’s a sentence from the press-release concerning durability that just has to be quoted:
AMIRA is a highly durable product constructed of the strongest possible materials. Sealed electronics provide top-level protection against humidity and dust, while an integrated thermal core results in highly efficient cooling. Productions can take AMIRA anywhere, from jungles and deserts to snow-capped mountain tops, sure in the knowledge that it will not let them down.

There are many productions this product is perfectly tailored to. You can be sure this camera will take the video and cinema production world by storm.


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