ARRI ALEXA Mini LF SUP 7.2 Released – Improved Connectivity, REVEAL Color Science and More

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ARRI ALEXA Mini LF SUP 7.2 Released – Improved Connectivity, REVEAL Color Science and More

ARRI just released the Software Update Package SUP 7.2 for the ALEXA Mini LF. The company also introduced REVEAL Color Science for the ALEXA Mini LF and the ALEXA LF, and also an update for the ARRI Reference Tool. These are all exciting updates for ARRI camera users, so let’s have a closer look!

The latest software update package SUP 7.2 for the ALEXA Mini LF improves connectivity and control of the camera. It brings better WiFi performance and a stronger connection between your camera devices and the camera.

New enhancements to the camera access protocol offer additional functions in the Camera Companion App. Alternatively, the browser-based web remote is now out of beta status and is an alternative option for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, and Windows users looking to remotely control the ALEXA Mini LF.

ARRI Alexa Mini LF SUP 7.2 – updates

WiFi improvements

  • Firmware update of WiFi board
  • Automatic channel selection for WiFi Host Mode
  • Disabling of WPA-secured networks
  • Error message when using default WiFi password

Further improvements

  • Web remote improvements
  • CAP additions and bug fixes
  • Eyepiece heating and flip are recalled from setup
  • Audio icon in playback reflects clip properties
  • EF lens control improvements
  • Bug fixes

For further information, please visit the ARRI’s website and read the release notes for SUP 7.2. Also, in case you missed it, you can see our Lab Test of the Alexa Mini LF by clicking here.

REVEAL Color Science for ALEXA Mini LF and ALEXA LF

The ARRI REVEAL Color Science debuted with the ALEXA 35 and it is now also available for all ARRIRAW material shot with the ALEXA Mini LF or Alexa LF. Using the ARRI Reference Tool, users can choose to view and transcode any ARRIRAW footage created from ALEXA Mini LF and ALEXA LF cameras in the traditional LogC3 workflow, or now in the new REVEAL workflow.

ARRI REVEAL Colour Science
REVEAL Color Science – Source: ARRI

REVEAL brings many of the image quality improvements from the ALEXA 35, and also to the ALEXA Mini LF and the ALEXA LF, including support for the updated ADA-7 de-bayer algorithm, ACE4 color engine, LogC4 gamma curve, and AWG4 color gamut. ARRI is expecting many third-party post-production tools to support this new development in the upcoming months. This will improve post-workflows when cross-shooting ALEXA 35 together with the ALEXA Mini LF or the ALEXA LF.

ARRI REVEAL Colour Science
REVEAL Color Science – Source: ARRI

To explain and demonstrate the benefits of REVEAL Color Science, ARRI has released a new webpage with footage, comparisons, and detailed explanations. Sample footage is also available for users to download by visiting the REVEAL Color Science page here.

ARRI Reference Tool updated

The ARRI Reference Tool is designed for de-bayering ARRIRAW, managing look files, reviewing clips, extracting metadata, transcoding rushes, and so on. The latest version, 1.1.1, brings several new features, including support for the creation of User Pixel Masks for ALEXA 35, audio metadata visualization, audio rendering, and presets for the Render Target Tabs.

ARRI Reference Tool
ARRI Reference Tool – Source: ARRI

The ARRI Reference Tool now includes the new reference image, titled “Helen and John,” in both LogC3 and LogC4. With the new images, you can quickly test look files without needing your own footage on hand.

ARRI ALex 35
ARRI ALEXA 35 – Source: ARRI

ARRI ALEXA 35 – New tools

If you considering using the ALEXA 35 for your next film project, please check out some new tools, and manuals, and watch the new ARRI Tech Talk videos.

DP Adam Suschitzky BSC recently completed a project with the ALEXA 35 and was blown away by the increased dynamic range, deeper color, and improved on-set workflows. If you are interested in using the ALEXA 35, please watch this brand-new interview with DP Adam Suschitzky.

Have you ever used ARRI cameras for your own film projects? Have you already used the REVEAL Color Science together with the ARRI ALEXA 35? Do you have any experience with the ARRI Reference Tool? Please leave us a comment in the section below!

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