Take Apart an Alexa Mini with ARRI’s Advanced Service Training

Take Apart an Alexa Mini with ARRI's Advanced Service Training

As part of their ARRI Academy Program, the German company introduced two new Advanced Service Training Online courses that will teach you how to repair and service an Alexa Mini, Amira, and MVF-1 viewfinder. You can enroll in the course today for €650.

ARRI has been leading the cinema camera manufacturing market for a very long time. However, their popular cameras are complex systems that need proper care and attention. As deterioration or damage of some parts can occur, you might be the person in charge of fixing the problem.

Therefore, ARRI is now introducing two new courses focusing on the service procedures for the Alexa Mini, Amira, and MVF-1. An Advanced Service Training for the Alexa Mini LF is already available.

ARRI Alexa Mini
The ARRI Alexa Mini. Source: ARRI

ARRI Advanced Service Training for Alexa Mini, Amira, and MVF-1

Specifically designed for rental house technicians as well as Alexa Mini and Amira owners, these courses walk you through the essential steps for properly maintaining and repairing these beauties.

Lessons are pre-recorded, which means that you will be able to access this educational content from anywhere in the world for a lifetime.

Once you complete the training, you are able to disassemble and (hopefully) reassemble these cameras. Furthermore, the completion of these courses will also allow you to order special tools and spare parts that would be inaccessible otherwise.

ARRI Advanced Service Training: modules and topics

These Advanced Service Training courses are divided into modules, each of which extensively covers a specific topic. As a result, you will get as far as even exchanging used parts or electronics boards.

Here is a breakdown of all the modules included in the Advanced Service Training for the Alexa Mini:

  • Sensor cover glass
  • Fans
  • Front housing
  • Rear housing
  • Assembly cage
  • Left side
  • Back side
  • Rear side
  • ND-filter blocking
  • Programming the hardware information
ARRI Amira
The ARRI Amira. Source: B&H

Trainer and language

ARRI Camera Service Trainer, Christoph Gschlößl will be your guide throughout these lessons. These online classes are only available in English. If you’re not a native speaker, don’t worry: subtitles will help you follow.

ARRI Advanced Service Training
ARRI Advanced Service Training for the Alexa Mini. Source: ARRI

Price and availability

The ARRI Advanced Service Training Online Courses for the Alexa Mini, Amira, and MVF-1 are available now. You can visit the dedicated ARRI Academy page to enroll. The price is €650 (VAT excluded), which includes lifetime access to the video lessons, updated service manuals, and software download links.

Do you want to impress your friends by repairing an Alexa Mini on your own by taking part of this training? Let us know in the comment section below!

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