Beastgrip 1.55X Anamorphic Smartphone Lens – Coming Soon To Kickstarter

February 18th, 2020
Beastgrip 1.55X Anamorphic Smartphone Lens - Coming Soon To Kickstarter

The Beastgrip 1.55x anamorphic smartphone lens offers an additional horizontal squeeze compared to its 1.33x equivalent. This results in a 2.76:1 (Ultra Panavision) aspect ratio. The lens will come in two versions – a Pro Series and M Series, to accommodate two different smartphone rigs. Beastgrip will soon launch a Kickstarter campaign for this lens.

Beastgrip 1.55x anamorphic smartphone lens. Source: Beastgrip

Beastgrip is a camera accessories company, focusing on smartphone rigs and lenses. They already have one 1.33x anamorphic lens in their lineup, and now they are introducing another one with an additional horizontal squeeze – the Beastgrip 1.55x anamorphic lens. Instead of selling the lens directly, the company decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign. What are the features and specs of the lens?

Beastgrip 1.55X Anamorphic Lens

This new 1.55x anamorphic lens will result in a 2.76:1 (Ultra Panavision) aspect ratio from the 16:9 recording modes on smartphones. Beastgrip claims it is the world’s first 1.55x anamorphic lens for smartphones.

An anamorphic look is not only about the ultra-wide aspect ratio. It is about the special lens flares, rounded vertical lines and other specific image characteristics. When looking at Beastgrip’s promotional video, we can definitely spot some of those. If it is “enough” of an anamorphic look (or not) remains subjective, in my opinion. Beastgrip says, they have treated the 1.55x anamorphic lens with a special lens coating to enhance the classic anamorphic lens flares.

Here are some interesting specifications of the Beastgrip 1.55x anamorphic lens:

  • Optical Design: 2 groups/2 elements (cylindrical)
  • Distortion: <20%
  • Lateral Color: <1um
  • Lens Coating: Multi-layer, anti-reflection broadband 400nm-700nm. Blue/purple horizontal lens flares
  • Material: Machined aluminum with anodized finish
  • Orientation: Unidirectional with rotating optical elements (90° soft lock)

Beastgrip 1.55x anamorphic smartphone lens. Source: Beastgrip

The Beastgrip 1.55x anamorphic lens will come in two versions – Pro Series and M Series – to complement two different lens collections and smartphone rigs that Beastgrip offers.

Pro Series Lens

Beastgrip 1.55x anamorphic smartphone lens – Pro Series. Source: Beastgrip

The Pro Series version is designed for the Beastgrip Pro and Beastcage smartphone rigs. It is fully compatible with all smartphones and 37mm lens mounts. It includes a fixed 58mm 0.75 threaded lens filter mount. The Pro Series version weighs 3.5oz (99g) and the dimensions are 60 x 60 x 22 mm. The lens mount is the M37 x 0.75 threaded mount.

M Series Lens

Beastgrip 1.55x anamorphic smartphone lens – M Series. Source: Beastgrip

The M Series version is the same lens, within a smaller body. It is designed for the Beastcage, which makes it fully compatible with all iPhones since the iPhone 7. It includes a detachable 58mm 0.75 threaded lens filter mount. The M Series weighs 2.6 oz (74g) and the dimensions are 44 x 44 x 24 mm. The lens mount is the Beastgrip M-bayonet mount, which features easy alignment and setup.

Price and Availability

Beastgrip is planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign for this new 1.55x anamorphic lens. They currently haven’t disclosed when exactly it will be launched. The pricing for the different versions is yet to be announced. We will let you know once the campaign launches.

What do you think about the new Beastgrip 1.55x anamorphic lens? Do you use an anamorphic lens with your smartphone? Let us know in the comments underneath the article.

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February 20th, 2020

Hey Akos,

We’ve been working on this lens for the past several years to perfect its design for our gear. This is not a simple OEM product as you’re claiming.

We’re the first company to release a smartphone lens of this kind, and it’s not available anywhere else.

You have been posting a lot of bold accusations about our integrity and have yet to show any evidence to support your argument. We however, have publicly available information about all of our patents and product releases that you can easily find on the web.

We encourage you to do some more research and include evidence when making such bold and derogatory claims against a person or business. We’re a small and innovative company that’s pushing the boundaries of what smartphones are capable of. And whether you had an idea or communication with a manufacturer for a similar lens before or not, we’re the only company in the world right now focused on bringing this product to the market.

– Vadym

February 19th, 2020

Sicherlich ein wichtiger Fakt ist das schon vor einem Jahr, an der 2019 Nab Nino von Cinema 5D von mir kontaktiert wurde , dieses Kapkur Ana Objektiv am NAB Stand von Kapkur, Richen Optronics/Optics , ansehen zu gehen. Auch wurde Cheesycam Emm Blogger von mir darüber informiert damals.
Screenshots dieser Message Kommunikation zwischen mir und Nino existieren natürlich um dies belegen zu können.
Beastgrip hatte damals rein gar nichts damit zu tun. Beastgrip kaufte später diese von Kapkur als OEM offerierte FertigProdukt ein. Das werden dann auch andere machen können, dieses OEM Produkt bei Kapkur einkaufen und ihr eigenes Label drauf drucken lassen . Das ist auch Gang und Gäbe, und völlig normal. Beastgrip hat einzig abverlangt ein anderes Gehäuse von Kapkur bauen zu lassen, damit es den potenziellen Käufer nicht mit dem ja gleichen Objektiv von anderen zukünftigen Preislich vergleichen lassen kann. Auch das ist gang und gäbe, und völlig normal bei OEM Produkten aus China.
Vorab aber vielleicht hier Nino‘s Antwort vom 7.april dann:
7.April 2019:
Hi Akos, das klingt sehr spannend! Ich trag mir das ein, wir werden mal vorbeischauen dort, und ein Testclip wäre interessant. Hast du Kontaktdatenvon Nancy und Wendy, dann könnte ich gleich einen Termin vereinbaren.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen,, Nino

February 18th, 2020

I use the Moondog anamorphic with very good results, but this wider aspect ratio is fascinating. On a related note, a comments poster Akos Simon and Curt Mutale over at newsshooter argue the lens was made one year ago by Kapkur in China… I got in touch with Beastgrip about this and they its “false claims; we are investigating”. Hopefully they can sort things out.

February 19th, 2020
Reply to  Sergio

Hi Sergio,… fact is that actually Cinema 5D Nino was contacted by myself on 7th of April last Year , when he and/or his Team was at the NAB 2019, so a year ago!,to go and check out that very lens at the Boot of this Kapkur manufactures company. Nino responded back that he found that exciting news, and confirmed he wanted to get introduced to two of the marketing people there called Wendy and Nancy from the Kapkur Boot/ stand.
So this existed a year ago on the real OEM Brand Kapkur. Fact is also, that Beastgrip solely purchased this already finished OEM item, after it was already developed by Kapkur, had them change the housing, like he did in the past, on his previous lenses also all purchased from Kapkur. But this is a completely normal procedure with OEM products. Only his claim that he actually made it first, is very dishonest.

February 19th, 2020
Reply to  Sergio

Sergio, may i ask: You are NOT a Part of Cinema5D, right?

So I want to congratulate You, being a concerned READER here, on your Reader initiative to find out what is really the truth!…

I think that’s really great !!

i will explain here below, and also in another, separate, comment below…

May I suggest one consequential upgrade to your own initiative here?:

Any journalist or a PI (=Private Investigator), or a more concerned consumer, like You might be, and who wants to find out more about a conflict, does always call “ALL” Parties involved, …in order to find out what is really going on,
..and where the truth might be.

This means, Sergio, You must now also call the other side of this 2 sided debate.

Don’t You think so?



YES!! Moondoglenses are the best in its class after all the 2 Founders are 2 Ex-Optical-engineers from ZEISS Optics and KODAK.

Nothing can go wrong here with the glass, that they design there.

I would suspect Moondoglabs will also eventually make a 1,55 or even a 1,65 or 1,75.
Wait for the moondoglabs one to be made,….

I pitched that 1,75x idea in January 2018 to Scott, one fo the founders at Moondoglens, and also to this Company KAPKUR.

Kapkur offered to start making a few for me end of 2018.
This is why this lens existed already more than a year ago.
Beastgrips lens is exactly that lens, they had made based on my pitch to them in 2018.

That very idea to go further then 1,33x, originated from my pitch and the following communication, (which is documented), puts this first actual made lens back to 2019 at the NAB show.
20 finished Lenses were supposed to be shown there.

This is, naturally all well documented.

Oscar Majoros
February 18th, 2020

anamorphic – Phone ? nah…

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