Better HDSLR audio with Beachtek’s DXA-SLR PRO

I wanted to get this for NAB to improve sound quality and my documentary style audio workflow, but unfortunately it only became available afterwards.
The new Beachtek DXA-SLR PRO is now in stock at B&H and it has some very practical advancements over the older HDSLR XLR audio adapter that was called DXA-SLR.

The first obvious reason to use a device like this or the Juicedlink alternative is to disable the auto gain control “feature” that is always on in most HDSLR cameras. This way you can set manual audio levels even though your camera doesn’t support it.

The second reason is the chance to use XLR and phantom powered microphones. Their power comes through the cable and is provided by the device.

And the third most important reason is the improved sound quality, because in-camera pre-amps are not the best as Dave
recently showed (video below).

Aside from all the obvious reasons I was particularly interested in the Limiter. This is the only device of its kind that provides an audio limiter to be used with your HDSLR at this price point. The limiter will kick in once your levels become too high thus preventing peaking much like analogue audio did. It’s like getting the “film look” for audio. Some of my NAB videos peaked. If I had had this device I could have prevented that.

Key Features:
• Two balanced XLR inputs
• Ultra low noise preamplifiers
• 12 or 48 volt phantom power
• VU meters
• Fast acting limiters
• AGC Disable feature
• Headphone monitoring on record and playback

You can get the DXA-SLR PRO at B&H:

Dave Dougdale‘s video compares the Canon 5D mark III and Nikon D800 pre-amp and shows their noise levels:

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