Blackmagic Camera App 1.1 for iPhone Released – Supporting New Frame Rates and More

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Blackmagic Camera App 1.1 for iPhone Released - Supporting New Frame Rates and More

Blackmagic Design has released an update for their Blackmagic Camera App (version 1.1) that adds new functionalities and addresses some problems existing in the previous version.

Blackmagic Design recently launched the Blackmagic Camera application for iPhone. The app included a similar interface to the one in their cameras – advanced filmmaking tools and controls, the option to record in Apple ProRes, and connectivity with Blackmagic Cloud, among other possibilities.

Blackmagic Camera 1.1

Following their philosophy of continually updating their products, Blackmagic Design has just released the Blackmagic Camera 1.1 update. The new version supports 23.98, 29.97, and 59.94 fps when using iPhone 14 or later. These options give you the flexibility to mix your footage with different projects.

With this update, you have support for Tilta Nucleus Nano and Nucleus M lens control, which is useful when you are not near the camera or using a gimbal, for example. Blackmagic Design has also added support for external timecode sync using Tentacle SyncE, making editing multicam footage in post more manageable.

The Blackmagic Camera app Media tab – Source: Blackmagic Design

Another feature of the Blackmagic Camera 1.1 is that you can lock camera orientation to avoid changes because of camera movement.

iPhone 15 and Pro Max users will benefit now from Apple Log to capture a better dynamic range image for more flexibility when grading.

The update also addresses minor glitches from the previous version. See the list of changes below.

Blackmagic Camera 1.1 – list of changes

  • Support for recording at 23.98, 29.97 and 59.94 fps.
  • Support for Tentacle Sync E for external timecode sync.
  • Support for Tilta Nucleus Nano and Nucleus M lens control.
  • Support to lock application orientation in settings.
  • Support for landscape mode in both directions on iPhone 6.7″ models.
  • Support for HDMI output with status text overlays.
  • Support to mirror the display to an HDMI output.
  • Project selection is now retained across app restarts.
  • Existing clips now upload when the setting is changed to upload originals.
  • Addressed potential glitches when notifications were received during recording.
  • Addressed issue where recording could sometimes not be stopped.
  • Addressed Apple Log option availability on user-migrated iPhones.
  • Addressed gamma issues previewing video in Apple Log mode.
  • Addressed issue when recording to HEVC in Apple Log.
  • Addressed an issue with HDMI clean feed on some TVs.
  • General performance and stability improvements.

Price and availability

You can download Blackmagic Camera 1.1 from the Apple App Store for free here.

What do you think of this new update? Would you use your iPhone as a part of your Blackmagic setup?


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