CAME-TV Lightweight Portable Production Carts Introduced

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CAME-TV Lightweight Portable Production Carts Introduced

CAME-TV is introducing a set of portable production carts to help safely transport your gear to the location. These strong and lightweight carts are available in two sizes and offer a shelf accessory that can double as a workspace. Let’s take a look at their specs and what they can do!

CAME-TV Lightweight Portable Production Carts come in two different sizes: C65 (small) and C100 (large). Both models are made from carbon steel tubing that is laser welded together. 

Lightweight Portable Production Cart. Image credit: CAME-TV

The smaller version, the C65, has a weight of 26.5 lbs/12kg and a max payload of 396 lbs/180kg. The C100 has a weight of 37.5 lbs/17kg and a max payload of 660 lbs/300kg. Both are available as a “basic” or “standard” model with the only differences seeming to be extra tie-down ropes, and the base plate shelf.

Measurements of C65 (small) when folded. Image credit: CAME-TV

Both carts feature locking wheels, and they are expandable and fully foldable for easy storage while traveling. 

CAME-TV Lightweight Portable Production Cart – specs

C65 (small)C100 (large)
Net Weight26.5lbs/12kg37.5lbs/17kg
Folded Size26.0″x15.7″x11.8″ (66x40x30cm)35.4″x19.7″x13.7 (90x50x35cm)
Expanded Size39.3″x15.7″x35.4 (100x40x90cm)59.1″x19.7″x39.3″ (150x50x100cm)
Wheel Size5.9″x1.1″/15x3cm7.8″x1.5″/20x4cm
Measurements and weight for CAME-TV Lightweight Portable Production Carts

Prices and availability

CAME-TV Lightweight Portable Production Carts are available to purchase directly on CAME-TV’s site.

  • Portable Production Cart Small Base (C65-BASE): $455
  • Portable Production Cart Small Standard (C65-STANDARD): $488
  • Portable Production Cart Large Base (C100-BASE): $778
  • Portable Production Cart Large Standard (C100-STANDARD): $788
Image credit: CAME-TV

It doesn’t appear that CAME-TV offers the base plate accessory separately, so if you think you’re going to need it, you should go for the ‘standard’ model right away.

There is a lot of competition when it comes to portable dolly carts, especially from Rock-N-Roller, who have a lot more sizing and accessory options. Still, these CAME-TV carts seem to be a good value for money. It also beats having to load your gear in one piece at a time.

What do you think about these carts from CAME-TV? Do you use CAME-TV’s productions on your shoots? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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