Canon’s New 85mm 1.4 – Now with Image Stabilization

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Canon's New 85mm 1.4 - Now with Image Stabilization

Canon’s new 85mm full frame prime lens might not be their fastest 85mm at F1.4, but the addition of image stabilization makes this a lens to watch. Details below: 

Canon 85mm F1.4 w/IS

While not quite as fast as the Canon 85mm F1.2 II, the 85mm F1.4 IS update adds image stabilization to the equation and comes in at $300 cheaper than its predecessor. The image stabilization corrects for up to 4 stops of camera shake, making it useful for shooting handheld in low light conditions.

An ultrasonic motor allows for quick and precise auto focus and all elements are coated to prevent unwanted flare and image ghosting. This full frame 85mm is a great focal length for interviews and portraits (for you stills folks out there) and it becomes a useful 135mm when shooting with cropped APS-C sensors.

Canon has posted a first look video featuring the 85mm 1.4 IS with a few photography samples. Video below:

While this may not be the world’s first 85mm with stabilization — Tamron holds that honor — this is still a great option for those looking for a quality 85mm for professional use.

Price: $1,599.00
Availability: Q4 – 2017

Highlight Specs:

  • f/1.4 Max Aperture
  • Canon IS Equipped
  • Weather Sealed
  • 77mm Front Diameter
  • Coated For Flare/Ghosting Reduction

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