Cine Helios 44-2 – Rehoused Cult Classic Swirly Bokeh Lens

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Cine Helios 44-2 - Rehoused Cult Classic Swirly Bokeh Lens

The Cine Helios 44-2 VLFV is a new lens from Iron Glass that rehouses the cult classic 58mm Helios swirly-bokeh vintage lens.

Helios is a lens brand from the Soviet Union era, affectionately naming all their lenses with a simple model number. The 44-2 has become a very popular lens in the vintage market, known for it’s swirly-bokeh backgrounds.

The problem many filmmakers have found with this lens is adapting it successfully for video.

It is M42 mount, meaning any adaption to the likes of Canon EF involves a screw adaptor (easy to unscrew). Focus wheel is tight to the mount and, being old, models generally have some play here and there.

None of this is ideal for video, and a few companies have looked to tackle this by adding gears, spaced front hoods and improved threaded mounts.

Iron Glass has taken it a step further a produced a completely rehoused version, for a very affordable price.

The Cine Helios 44-2 is available in permanent PL or EF mount, focus scale can be etched in feet or meters. Aperture remains on the front in f/stop (no T-stopping) but is de-clicked.

Despite the slightly confusing name, the Cine Helios 44-2 is a 58mm full frame lens.

Focus rotation of the original Helios 44-2 is relatively long, the Cine Helios 44-2 is no exceptional at 270 degrees.

It weighs just over half a kilo (550g/1.2 lbs.) and sports a 95mm clap on front with internal 86mm filter thread.

The price? $950 – pretty reasonable when considering the cost of usual lens rehousing.

Much of this is likely down to the relatively cheap cost of the lens itself, they are fairly common to get hold of and usually fetch for under $100.

Iron Glass has plans for a whole set of Helios rehoused lenses, consisting of 20,28,37,58,85 and 135mm.

You can place orders now, shipping looking like end of December.

Do you like using rehoused lenses? Let us know in the comments below!



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