Cine Reflect Lighting System CRLS by The Light Bridge – Hands On

At an NAB filled with color panel lights and LED lighting of all kinds the Cine Reflect Lighting System from “The Light Bridge” does certainly stand out. As the name suggests, the system works by reflecting a hard light around the set using panels that provide more or less diffusion and other unique light qualities depending on which panel you use. 

One of the smallest reflector kits available from CRLS, in a tiny bag.

Used on films like 2014’s By The Sea the Cine Reflect Lighting System, called CRLS for short, is an impressive low-tech (at first glance) solution that is all about reflecting light on aluminum coated surfaces (available in various sizes). Jakob Ballinger, professional gaffer and a Light Bridge representative, promises minimal light loss of only 3% from a given light without changes in color temp once the beam hits the reflector. He developed the system together with his director of photography, acclaimed Christian Berger AAC.

Image credit: The Light Bridge

To use the system simply select a reflector panel numbered 1 to 4 with 1 being the least diffuse and 4 being the most and mount the panel using the included “C-Wheel” yoke to another stand with a mafer clamp and 5/8″ pin. Then mount a hard focusable light like a Source 4 Leko with narrow lens, Hive Light with Leko attachment or Dedolight to a C-Stand and point the light directly into one of the four currently available reflector types (two additional reflector types are coming soon). Point your light into the reflector panel and position the panel so that the beam of light hits your intended subject.

There are a variety of different sized reflector panels ranging from 15cm x 15cm to 100cm x 100cm available, but the basic starter kit will cost you $595.00 and includes a few 15cm x 15cm and 25cm x 25cm panels.

A breakdown of all the panel types are below:

Image Credit: The Light Bridge

This is one of those products that is a little tricky to translate to video, but in-person on the show floor at NAB you can see an impressive soft light quality using the reflector panels.

You can find out more information about the CRLS system on The Light Bridge website HERE.

The CRLS system will be available for order on B&H quite soon, we will update the product links below in due time.

Bigger reflectors and accessories in a larger kit.

What do you think? Will you be giving the Cine Reflect Lighting System a try? Comment below!

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