cinema5D’s IBC 2012 coverage starting tomorrow!

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We thank our sponsor B&H who
has made cinema5D’s news
coverage of IBC 2012 possible.

Get your gear through B&H to support this platform:

Get ready for the next batch of indie film equipment
Once again we’ll provide you with first hand coverage directly from IBC 2012 in Amsterdam, one of the biggest film, video and media tradeshows in the world!
You will see lots of new gear and technology in the form of coverage videos over the next days that will be posted on our vimeo and Youtube channels.

Long time cinema5D crew member Clayton Burkhart and myself will run the floor and grab all the newsworthy new stuff that might help your production. We’ll try to put more interviews and questions for the manufacturers in there, but like always and above all we’ll be critical about which products we think deserve the coverage.

Expect an insight into the next generation of HDSLR & Large Sensor filmmaking over the next weeks and win a 35mm Rokinon Cine lens on the side.

Proud to be sponsored by B&H
Our coverage stays independent. We’re sponsored by B&H, the international reseller of filmmaking equipment we trust. With their commitment to their customers they have also made our IBC 2012 coverage possible. Please say thanks by clicking the B&H links on our site, so they will make more coverages and giveaways for you possible in the future. LINK

Oh yes, you can win something again. Just tweet our IBC 2012 articles and we will pick a cinema5D news reader to win one of the new Rokinon 35mm T1.5 CINE lenses. Read more about this lens in our news article from August: LINK

Find our previous coverage of NAB 2012 here and make sure you participate in the comments and let us know what you would like to see covered this time. See you in Amsterdam!

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