Cineroid Jupiter 1000W Rollable LED RGBWW Panel Explained

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On the show floor at IBC 2023, we stopped by Cineroid’s booth to dive deeper into their Jupiter line of rollable, full-color LED panels. In particular, we focused on the Jupiter 1000W – a large, powerful, and foldable light source.

At the beginning of this year, Korean lighting manufacturer Cineroid added two large, rollable LED light panels to their arsenal – the Jupiter 500W and 1000W. You can read all about them in our previous coverage here.

The 1000W model is particularly interesting since it acts as a bright, soft light source that is pretty easy to carry around considering its large surface. At IBC 2023, my colleague Nino (literally!) sat down with SoonGi Jang and Sofien Cherni from Cineroid to further discuss the Jupiter 1000W. Let’s take a closer look!

Cineroid Jupiter 1000W LED RGBWW rollable light
Cineroid Jupiter 1000W LED RGBWW rollable light. Image credit: CineD

Cineroid Jupiter 1000W – rollable, full-color LED panel

The Cineroid Jupiter 1000W is a 120x120cm/47.2×47.2” LED RGBWW light panel with a weight of approximately 1.9kg/4.2lb. Its thin, rollable design makes it fairly easy to rig, transport, or store in its convenient carrying case. Additionally, the LEDs are protected by a durable enclosure that you can open yourself in order to replace single LED strips.

The Cineroid Jupiter 1000W features a durable enclosure
The Cineroid Jupiter 1000W features a durable enclosure. Image credit: CineD

The light is 100% dimmable and its color temperature ranges from 2,700K up to 6,500K in CCT mode. Other operating modes include RGB mode, HSI mode, Effects mode, and DMX mode. The company claims CRI and TLCI ratings of 95 and 98+ respectively, a flicker-free output, and 24,000 lux at 1 meter.

The fixture requires an external controller box for power and control. This is equipped with a color display, physical buttons and dials, a USB port for 5V power output and firmware updates, as well as a 5-pin DMX in and out.

Cineroid Jupiter 1000W controller box
Cineroid Jupiter 1000W controller box. Image credit: CineD

The Jupiter 1000 is DMX 512 ready for use in high-end productions, but can also be controlled via Bluetooth using the Cineroid GraV app. The smartphone app can be used to manage multiple Jupiter lights from a single device.

Price and availability

The Cineroid Jupiter 1000W rollable LED RGBWW panel is available now. Its official retail price is set at $2,900. The light comes as a kit including the rollable LED panel, an aluminum frame, a softbox, a controller, 6-meter long cables, and a travel bag.

For more information, please visit Cineroid’s website here.

Have you ever used Cineroid lighting products? What do you think about this 1000W rollable LED panel? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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