Cinevate Duzi 4 Slider Gets Compact Flywheel

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Cinevate Duzi 4 Slider Gets Compact Flywheel

The Cinevate Duzi 4 slider arrives with a clever integrated carriage and flywheel for smoother shots without weight compromise, and is a re-vamped design to Cinevate’s popular portable slider system.

I’ve been using Cinevate sliders for years, including all versions of the Duzi since its original release. Having tried out most popular brands of sliders, the Duzi has always impressed me the most in relation to weight, operation, longevity and cost.

Only my Cinevate Hedron has ever given me smoother results, and this comes down to one single feature – the flywheel.


As the flywheel gains momentum, it irons out any knocks and fidgety motion resulting from user operation. But it comes at a cost: the Hedron is a far heavier system than the Duzi, and with the flywheel bolted on it’s much longer as well.


It looks like Cinevate has taken time to evaluate its line up and pick out the good bits from the more robust Hedron system, but still keeping the DNA of the lightweight and portable Duzi slider.

The new Duzi 4 has an integrated flywheel, but rather than bolted on to the end of the device like the Hedron and other competing sliders, it’s cleverly mounted on the bottom of the carriage.

Cinevate Duzi 4

This keeps the weight and length down, whilst enabling smoother shots; we like.

Like the previous version, the Duzi 4 comes in two lengths, 24″ and 32″. I have the Duzi 3 in both sizes and find the 24″ is the perfect size for single tripod use.

Like the previous version, the Duzi 4 utilizes two carbon fibre rods and optional all-terrain legs. However this time the latter are designed to switch around for quick storage without having to remove them quickly. This is a big feature for previous Duzi owners, I frankly never use my all-terrain legs on my Duzi 3 because of the time it takes to switch them out.



The brake was a huge flaw with the original Duzi, but by mark 3 Cinevate had improved it vastly (still not perfect), and it looks as if the Duzi 4 will use the same tension latch on the carriage.

Cinevate Duzi 4 Slider – Specs at a Glance:

Weight: 24″ – 6.4lbs (7.24lbs with legs). 32″- 6.5lbs (7.25lbs with legs)
Travel: 24″- 16″. 32″ – 24″
Payload: 120lbs (both lengths)
Mounting: Centre and End Block Mountable
Motion Control: Modo Compatible

I’ve asked the question as to whether you can buy an upgraded Duzi 4 carriage for your older Duzi slider, and will update this article when I get a response.  Due to the width increase of the Duzi 4, an upgraded carriage will not be possible from previous Duzi sliders.


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