COLBOR Wonder Lights Introduced – A Family of Portable LEDs in Four Options

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Chinese light manufacturer COLBOR is introducing the COLBOR Wonder, a set of four compact LED lights. The family consists of bi-color and RGB, 60W or 100W lights, so four different options will be available in total. The Wonder LEDs feature an extremely compact, slate-shaped design and rely on external power delivered via USB-C or an included AC adapter. An optional power grip will also be available.

As the practice of visual storytelling and filmmaking gains popularity, creators are looking to expand their creative toolbox. Lighting may be among the single most powerful tools in the filmmaker’s arsenal, and lighting manufacturers go out of their way to provide the evergrowing user base with products to fulfill their needs. In the last few years, we’ve seen several new manufacturers and products set on pushing the envelope of lighting possibilities. Making the fixture more compact is a major goal in this effort.

COLBOR Wonder Lights. Image credit: CineD

Build and ergonomics

The COLBOR Wonder fixture has a distinct, rectangular slate shape. With no accessory attached, the fixture is very thin, which makes for easy packing. A large fan surrounds the COB LED for efficient thermal management, and the included reflector is slitted to let the air flow through. The controls and power input are housed on the right side. Looking like a camera grip of sorts, it’s a bit thicker than the left side. A small LCD screen provides any vital indications, and a knob will let you change settings such as color temperature and power output. At the bottom right are the USB-C plug and the proprietary connection for future accessories. The fixture is mostly made of plastic with some metal parts around the mount and ports.

COLBOR Wonder’s fan. Image credit: CineD

Battery life and power

The optional power grip will supply the 60W LED with almost one and a half hours of full-power operating time. The 100W LED will get about 60 minutes at full power, according to COLBOR. The power grip features a 99Wh battery, but the device is also compatible with USB-C PD (Power Delivery) accessories. This allows for ample powering solutions. There’s also the included AC adapter option.

COLBOR Wonder’s power connections. Image credit: CineD

Mounting and additional accessories

COLBOR Wonder LEDs are compatible with the relatively common Mini Bowens mount. This mount can be easily adapted to the widely available Bowens mount but do keep the weight of the attached accessory in mind to prevent any mount damage. This compact fixture is probably less robust than its non-Mini Bowens mount peers.

COLBOR Wonder’s slitted reflector and silicone dome. Image credit: CineD

COLBOR will also equip the Wonder LED line with a travel light stand, a compact octagonal softbox, and a shoulder strap. An additional attachable power source is due soon but will be released after the rest of the line.

In the box

Each COLBOR Wonder unit comes included with a plum tail cable, power adapter (with wire lanyard), reflector, COB cover, and a silicone dome diffuser.

Who is it for

COLBOR Wonder LEDs are an excellent lighting solution for independent content creators, documentarists, small production companies, etc. Their compact size and power source flexibility make them ideal for grab-and-go projects, and they can fit inside various backpacks or carry-ons to minimize gear hauling.

COLBOR Wonder Lights. Image credit: CineD


The lighting market offers several compact lighting options, but the ZHIYUN MOLUS X100 is the first alternative that comes to mind. It seems as if COLBOR took a fair amount of design cues from the slate-shaped MOLUS X100, directly competing with it. COLBOR Wonder LEDs are significantly more affordable, even when the pricier RGB version is pitted against the bi-color MOLUS X100.

Price and availability

The bi-color 60W unit will be priced at $129, and its 100W sibling at $169. The 100W RGB version will cost $199. While the official launch date is to be determined, COLBOR representatives say that production is already underway.

What do you think of the new COLBOR Wonder lights? Let us know what your current go-to LED lights are!

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