Color Grading Concepts – Video and Grading Articles You Don’t Want to Miss

Color Grading Concepts - Video and Grading Articles You Don't Want to Miss

We’ve published a lot of helpful color grading articles over the past years, and it’s easy to lose track of helpful resources when you need them most. Here you’ll find the links to go back and refresh your knowledge, or get a fantastic introduction if you’re new to color grading. Below you’ll also find a video breaking down a shot, and introducing basic concepts and grading strategy that are explained in more detail in some of the articles.


Color Grading Concepts

Not so much a tutorial as an overview or introduction to concepts, watch my node by node breakdown of a typical shot and then read the articles linked to below to dig into these concepts deeper.

Get Started in DaVinci Resolve Part 1 – What is Workflow?

Before you dive into color, get to grips with how it fits into the bigger post production picture. There are usually a few different ways to get things done. Planning ahead, and knowing which way will work best for the needs of your specific project can make the difference between an efficient post production process and a post production mess.




Get Started in DaVinci Resolve Part 2 – Color Grading Process

Find out the best way to approach your grade step by step. This pretty much covers the same strategy shown in the video above, but with some deeper explanation.


Learn to Use Your Scopes! – Easy Color Correction

When it comes to primary color correction and shot matching, your scopes are critical. Find out what your waveform, RGB parade and vectorscope are, and the information they give you.

Know Your DaVinci Resolve Nodes – Tips and Tricks

Get to know the most fundamental building blocks of your grade in DaVinci Resolve. Nodes get you from A to Z in your grade and create order and structure in your color grading operations. Learn the basics right here.


False Color OpenFX Plugin for DaVinci Resolve

A must-have OpenFX plugin for Resolve when you’re balancing luma levels and shot matching. See the levels of your shadows, mid tones and highlights quickly and easily right in your monitor window. Shot match accurately and without second guessing.


“DaVinci Resolve Killer Tips” App – for iOS and Android

Not a tutorial article, but an app full of Resolve tips that’s well worth having on your phone. You will discover things you never even knew you didn’t know, and quite often find information avoiding hours of searching online or reading through the manual.


Hope you will find those articles helpful. If you have your own favorite tutorial or tip, please share it with us in the below comment section. 

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