Cooke Optics 19-40mm T2.9 Varotal/i FF Launched

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Cooke Optics 19-40mm T2.9 Varotal/i FF Launched

Legendary lens manufacturer Cooke Optics has just introduced a wide-angle option to complete its Varotal/i full-frame zoom series. The new 19-40mm features a constant T2.9 aperture, comes in two lens mount options (PL/LPL) and supports Cooke’s /i lens data communication technology.

Cooke Optics is well-known for producing handcrafted, premium cinema primes and zooms that are the go-to choice for a multitude of cinematographers worldwide. The company already offers many full-frame options, including the Varotal/i FF spherical zoom series that was first announced towards the end of last year.

Already including a 30-95mm and 85-215mm, this family of glass is now turning into a trinity of lenses for high-end cinematography with the addition of a new wide-angle zoom option, the 19-40mm T2.9 Varotal/i FF. Let’s take a closer look at it!

Cooke Optics Varotal/i FF zoom lens series. Source: Cooke Optics

Cooke 19-40mm T2.9 Varotal/i FF: features

Just like its siblings, the new Cooke 19-40mm T2.9 wide-angle zoom has an image circle of 46.3mm, meaning it can cover full-frame and large-format sensors. The lens comes in both PL and LPL mount options, and its fast T2.9 aperture is constant across the whole zoom range.

According to the manufacturer, this zoom delivers sharp images, suffers from minimal focus breathing, and renders skin tones in a natural, pleasant way. That’s not hard to believe, considering the popularity of the Cooke Look.

Cooke Optics 19-40mm T2.9 Varotal/i FF. Source: Cooke Optics

Furthermore, this glass should be easy to mix and match with the company’s existing full-frame prime series, namely the S7/i FF and the S8/i FF lenses (introduced earlier this year), with which the new 19-40mm shares the same 9-blade aperture design.

The lens packs the company’s proprietary /i lens data technology, which provides critical information for post-production applications. This includes focus and iris position as well as motion inertial, shading, and distortion data, which is transmitted over a dedicated cable connector positioned next to the lens mount.

Size, weight, and design

Compared to the other two lenses in the series, the new 19-40mm is about 0.5kg/1.1lbs lighter, weighing around 3.5kg/7.7lbs. The lens barrel features a scratch-resistant finish and displays engraved focus marks on both sides of the lens for easier reference. The glass has an industry-standard iris, focus, and zoom M0.8 gears, offers a long focus throw of 280°, and comes with a front diameter of 114mm.

Cooke Optics Varotal/i FF zoom lens series specifications. Source: Cooke Optics

Price and availability

The new Cooke 19-40mm T2.9 Varotal/i FF wide-angle zoom is now available to order from the manufacturer. However, it seems like the company hasn’t officially disclosed pricing yet. For reference, the 30-95mm (B&H/CVP) and 85-215mm (B&H/CVP) currently retail for about $54,000 each.

Finally, if you’d like to put your hands on this new 19-40mm, make sure to visit the company’s booth at EnergaCAMERIMAGE in Torun, Poland. The festival opens its doors on November 12th, 2022.

For more information, please visit Cooke Optics’ website here.

How do you like the look of the Cooke Varotal/i FF zoom series? What do you think of the addition of this new wide-angle option? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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