DUKEN T60 Telescopic Tube Light & M6 Mini RGB Light Announced

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DUKEN T60 Telescopic Tube Light & M6 Mini RGB Light Announced

A new lighting company has just emerged: DUKEN is a sub-brand of SIRUI, a renowned manufacturer of tripods and now also of anamorphic lenses. The newly announced DUKEN T60 Telescopic Tube Light and the tiny M6 Mini RGB Light are their first products to hit the market via an Indiegogo campaign.

New lights are always a good thing, especially when these tools seem to be quite innovative. This is definitely the case with the newly announced DUKEN T60 Telescopic Tube Light. Less so with the M6 Mini RGB Light, but even this little guy has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Check out the campaign video below to get a first impression of what we’re dealing with here:

The DUKEN T60 telescopic light has quite a unique design in that it is relatively compact, but can be extended to a total length of 740mm (as opposed to a mere 455mm when retracted). No tools are required and it seems to work easily and intuitively, which is quite impressive. As soon as the upper part of the T60 is fully extended, it snaps into place and lights up automatically.

DUKEN T60 Telescopic Light

In terms of specifications, the press release tells us the following: All de facto standards for such RGB lights are on board, such as CCT (2500K – 8000K) mode, HSI mode & FX mode. In addition, a so-called music mode can be engaged, in which the T60 flashes and changes colors in rhythm with the music.

DUKEN T60 Telescopic Tube Light. Image credit: DUKEN

You can detach the control unit from the light itself, allowing you to control one light or a whole group of DUKEN T60 lights wirelessly via the 2.4G wifi band. Controlling lights via an app (using Bluetooth) is also possible.

LEDs in matrix arrangement together with high quality SMD RGB LEDs contribute to the high CRI/TLCI rating (up to 97) of the DUKEN T60. According to DUKEN, all lights are tested for color consistency and flicker-free output.

image credit: DUKEN

The DUKEN T60 Telescopic Tube Light comes with a 1/4″20 thread on the bottom so you can attach it either to the included mini-tripod or to anything else.

  • Dimensions: Retracted Ø 42mm * 455mm / Extended Ø 42mm * 740mm
  • Weight: approx. 658g
  • Built-in Lithium Battery: 3*2600mAh 3.7V
  • Adapter: 12.6V 2A
  • Charge Time: 1.5h
  • Power: max 20W
  • CCT: 2500K – 8000K
  • RGB Color Gamut: 0-359º
  • FX: 14 Modes
  • Illuminance: 1000lux @ 0.5m
  • CRI/TLCI: 97
  • Brightness: 0% – 100%
  • Operating Time: 2h @ 100%

I’m really curious to see how well the extension mechanism works in the real world. If it’s sturdy and reliable enough to take a beating or two in the field, this light might be well worth a closer look, I think. Its compact size allows it to be stowed in any bag, but it can still be extended to act as a full-fledged light on set, which is really cool!

DUKEN M6 mini RGB light

As a little sidekick to the star of the show, the T60, DUKEN also released a tiny RGB light, the M6.

image credit: DUKEN

Despite the compact body, the M6 features a claimed high CRI (≥97) and TLCI (≥97), so the color rendering should be accurate and natural. Like the T60 tube, the M6 RGB fixture also has a CCT mode (2500K – 8000K), an HSI mode, and an FX mode that offers some predefined lighting effects.

The DUKEN M6 features three cold shoe mounts, a 1/4”20 thread and a frameless panel that allows you to seamlessly connect multiple lights together via the included buckles for a brighter light source.

Four buttons and an LCD display on the back are for controlling these tiny lights. A removable silicone diffuser is included to provide a softer and more even output without nasty mutli-shadows.

DUKEN T60 and M6. Image credit: DUKEN

Pricing and availability

Both the DUKEN T60 and M6 are now available for pre-order on Indiegogo. If you opt for the Super Early Bird deal, prices start at $159 (one T60) or $189 (one T60 plus one M6). It appears that you can’t get the M6 individually, but only as a bundle with a T60 (or two). Estimated shipping target date: January 2022

Links: Indiegogo | Duken Website
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Please remember: Indiegogo (just like Kickstarter) is not a retailer but a funding platform. So everything can happen, including complete failure and loss of money. In return for taking the risk, you are rewarded with lower prices than the regular retail price.

What do you think about it? Would you give these lights a try? Share your experience below in the comments!


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