DZOFILM Vespid 21mm and 40mm T2.1 Cinema Prime Lenses Announced

DZOFILM Vespid 21mm and 40mm T2.1 Cinema Prime Lenses Announced

The DZOFILM Vespid series just got expanded with two new full-frame cinema prime lenses. The new focal lengths, 21mm and 40mm, both feature an T2.1 aperture, and come in either EF or PL mount. The whole DZOFILM Vespid prime lens series now has 10 lenses covering focal lengths from 16mm all the way to 125mm.

In case you missed it, Vespid is DZOFILM’s cinema prime lens line for full-frame cameras. The Vespid series was initially launched in October 2020 with seven focal lengths – 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, 90mm (macro), 100mm, and 125mm.

In December 2021, the company added an ultra-wide-angle 16mm lens to the series. Today, DZOFILM expands the Vespid line with two more wide lenses – 21mm and 40mm T2.1. Let’s take a look at the details.

DZOFILM Vespid 21mm and 40mm cine primes

As the “VV” badge on the lenses already gives out, all Vespid primes are able to produce an image circle large enough to cover a VistaVision image sensor, which is even slightly larger than full-frame. To be precise, the Vespid lenses produce a 46.5mm image circle that is enough for the ARRI ALEXA LF, even in the open gate mode.

Vespid 21mm T2.1 cine prime on set. Source: DZOFILM

The 21mm focal length is interesting as it is still very wide, but it does not show as much distortion as the 16mm lens. In fact, DZOFILM claims that the 21mm shows almost no distortion. Also, the next available focal length in the Vespid line is 25mm, which might not be wide enough for certain scenes. The 40mm, as DZOFILM puts it, is an all-rounder and a useful compromise between a 35mm and a 50mm.

Vespid 21mm T2.1 cine prime lens in EF and PL. Source: DZOFILM

The iris is available between T2.1 and T22 for both new lenses and can be smoothly adjusted with a geared iris ring. Both the 21mm Vespid and the 40mm Vespid prime sport a 16-blade iris.

Vespid 40mm T2.1 cine prime on set. Source: DZOFILM

The geared focus ring has a focus throw of 270° and the distance markers are present both in feet and meters (imperial on one side and metric on the other side of the lens).

Vespid 40mm T2.1 cine prime lens in EF and PL. Source: DZOFILM

The company claims that the new lenses maintain the same look as the rest of the Vespid line. That is vital for a kit of primes to function seamlessly. According to DZOFILM, the lenses also feature a lightweight and compact design with a weight of under 950g per piece. Last but not least, both lenses are compatible with the recently released DZOFILM Koop filters.

DZOFILM Vespid line – Ten full-frame primes

Vespid cine primes 10-piece kit. Source: DZOFILM

With the addition of the new 21mm and 40mm, the Vespid line now has a total of 10 lenses. Eight of those are standard T2.1 cine primes (although not all physically the same) and then there is a 90mm T2.8 macro lens and the 16mm T2.8 ultra-wide. The total line of DZOFILM Vespid cine primes looks like this:

  • 16mm T2.8
  • 21mm T2.1
  • 25mm T2.1
  • 35mm T2.1
  • 40mm T2.1
  • 50mm T2.1
  • 75mm T2.1
  • 100mm T2.1
  • 125mm T2.1
  • 90mm T2.8 Macro

Each lens in the lineup – including both new offerings – is available for either Canon EF mount or ARRI PL mount.

Vespid cine primes 10-piece kit. Source: DZOFILM

Price and availability

Both lenses are available for pre-order now. DZOFILM claims they will start shipping those by the end of July. When it comes to pricing, each lens will set you back $1,399. If you are looking to purchase the whole 10-lens kit, the full price would be $13,199, while DZOFILM offers a discounted price tag of $11,999.

Do you have experience working with the DZOFILM Vespid prime lenses? Do you like their look or do you prefer a different cine prime set in a similar price range? Let us know in the comment section underneath the article.

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