Canon PowerShot GOLF Announced – Compact Rangefinder with Camera for Golfers

Canon PowerShot GOLF Announced - Compact Rangefinder with Camera for Golfers

Canon has announced the release of PowerShot GOLF, a compact laser rangefinder for golfers with a built-in camera that gives fast and accurate distance to help reduce their score. Let’s take a look at it!

Canon makes it into the world of golf accessories with the release of the PowerShot GOLF, a blend of camera and rangefinder that claims to give golfers fast and accurate distances with the ability to document golfers’ rounds. While many golfers use their latest smartphones as a substitute for dedicated tools, the experience a rangefinder gives you while playing is still unreached by any app.

Small but plenty of features

The PowerShot GOLF features a high-precision laser and a pin-locking function that targets the closest object when more than one is detected. The device has a 6x optical and 12x digital magnification, which helps prepare a strategy for the next shot. 

If you played golf using a rangefinder, you surely know that the problem with the cheap ones is the lack of stabilization, making it difficult to measure accurate distances in the middle of a round. High-end rangefinders have stabilisation but it usually comes at a price. The PowerShot GOLF offers image stabilization and a bright electronic viewfinder, giving a precise view of our next target. 

Another essential feature of a tool like this is its size and weight. We don’t want to add unnecessary load to our bags, especially if walking the course without a buggy. In this regard, the PowerShot GOLF is compact, lightweight, and waterproof, fitting any pocket, and it has a built-in rechargeable battery that charges with a USB-C port.

The PowerShot GOLF recording option lets us keep a diary of our golf. – Source: Canon.

When measuring distances in golf, more aspects affect our club selection, like atmospheric pressure, wind, or the elevation difference (if the target is higher or lower than our position). The PowerShot GOLF includes an optional Slope Mode for elevation-adjusted distances, making our club selection easier. The mode considers elevation changes, calculating “plays like” distances. For example, a flag 180m away can “play like” 200m if it is upslope, meaning you should choose a longer club to reach your target. Since interpreting this factor is an essential skill in golf, many tournaments don’t allow the Slope Mode. The PowerShot GOLF emits a flashing blue light when the mode is turned off to ensure the player is following the rules. 

Recording your rounds 

The PowerShot GOLF can record videos and pictures with superimposed distance information while playing a round. With this option, we can create our course diary and add voice to store detailed information about our shots. The recording option helps record a specific lie, obstacles, or the position of a ball, and settle disagreements in the event of disputes or doubts about rule compliance. Also, in the world of social media we live in, why not record your swing and show your best shot to the world?

PowerShot GOLF key specs 

  • Vibration function. The rangefinder vibrates to confirm measurement.
  • Pin-lock. The closest object is measured if multiple subjects are detected.
  • Slope Mode. Measure slope-adjusted distance.
  • Tournament legal. Slope Mode can be turned off for rule compliance.
  • Still and video camera. 11MP stills and Full HD video.
  • Water-resistant design. IPX4 standards for weather protection.

Price and availability

The PowerShot GOLF will be available from August 2024 at an RRP of €359. For more information please visit the Canon website.

What do you think of the new PowerShot GOLF? Have you golfers used a rangefinder before? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 


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