EVRapp ChronoX 2 Launched – Measure Final Cut Pro Export Times Accurately

EVRapp ChronoX 2 Launched - Measure Final Cut Pro Export Times Accurately

EVRapp recently launched the second version of their Final Cut Pro export measuring tool: ChronoX 2. This updated version is more precise, supports more file formats, you can automatically open the rendered file when the export is complete, and it is easier to install. So, let’s take a closer look at it!

EVRapp is an Italian post-production software company founded by Antonio Marogna, a one-man-band photographer and filmmaker. At the core of their mission, EVRapp aims to improve “the accessibility and utility of metadata for media files within video editing platforms.”

The first version of the EVRapp ChronoX was launched back in 2020. The primary purpose of this tool is to measure your Final Cut Pro exporting times precisely. Indeed, as a benchmark tool, this is not a tool you would use every day. However, it can come in handy to optimize your computer and external drives/GPU, so your editing system is faster.

Last year, Apple introduced Final Cut Pro 10.7 with many workflow and performance improvements, including a scrolling timeline, voice-over recording and stabilization for the iPad version, and much more. One of the missing pieces within Final Cut Pro since its launch is the ability to properly check your render times/pieces of information when you have clicked “export.” To solve that problem, EVRapp launched version 2 of their ChronoX tool.

EVRapp ChronoX 2
EVRapp ChronoX 2. Image credit: EVRapp

EVRapp ChronoX 2 – features

When you click the Export button, ChronoX 2, via a proprietary algorithm, can identify the exact moment Final Cut Pro started exporting your timeline. According to the company, it provides accurate timing down to the second. So, what is new within ChronoX 2?

  • More precise: ChronoX 2 can measure export times very precisely, down to the centisecond.
  • Expanded file format support: ChronoX 2 now supports MOV/M4V/MP4 and MXF files.
  • Additional export options: automatically open the exported file directly within QuickTime Player or any other compatible application.
  • Easier to install: ChronoX 2 is easier to install than its predecessor.
EVRapp ChronoX 2 standard and professional version features
EVRapp ChronoX 2 standard and professional version features. Image credit: EVRapp

Two versions of ChronoX 2 are available: a standard and a professional version. The standard version only displays the elapsed export time in a pop-up window. If you want more information about your exports, the professional version can export automatically up to three times. Also, the pro version generates CSV reports with CPU/GPU information, storage media, and macOS/FCP versions.

Image credit: EVRapp

Pricing and availability

The EVRapp ChronoX 2 tool is now available in standard (free) and professional versions for €9.99.

For more information, please visit EVRapp’s website here.

What do you think about this export tool for Final Cut Pro? Do you feel it would be helpful to optimize your editing workflow configuration? Do you wish similar tools were available for other NLEs? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!


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