Filmstro V3 Beta Released – Bug Fixes and New Features

Filmstro V3 Beta Released - Bug Fixes and New Features

Filmstro, the royalty-free music creation platform for filmmakers, recently released a V3 Beta update for their browser-based tool. This update fixes some bugs and introduces new features, including the ability to display minutes in the timeline instead of seconds only, offsetting the video from the audio, the possibility of using a third-party MIDI controller, and so on. So, let’s take a closer look at it!

Earlier this month, Filmstro introduced the third version of their web browser service, with a revamped user interface and a brand new audio engine with additional tools to make the music creation process faster and easier. After gathering user feedback, the company is already back with an update that fixes a couple of bugs and adds new features: Filmstro V3 Beta.

Filmstro V3 Beta – what’s new?

Filmstro V3 Beta (codename: V3.1.50) is not as big of an update as the V3 version, but it brings a couple of new, interesting features to the table, including:

  • Bug fix: dragging the playhead caused the sync between the image and music to break.
  • New feature: In the timeline, you can now display minutes, not just seconds.
  • A new video offset feature allows you to move the video track forward or backward and sync it with the audio track where you want it.
  • The video preview size has been increased.
  • New labels are next to some features, including “Latch” and “Record,” and moved next to the main transport controls.
  • Filmstro is working on implementing third-party MIDI hardware controllers with a new MIDI Learn mode that allows users to assign sliders and buttons to specific functions.
Filmstro V3 Beta
The Filmstro V3 UI. Image credit: Filmstro

Price and availability

The Filmstro V3.1.50 Beta version is already available on Filmstro’s website. Filmstro is a subscription-only service, starting at $99 per year for the YouTuber version and $199 for lifetime subscriptions. CineD readers will get 30% off their lifetime and annual subscriptions using the code CINEDV3

Have you already tried Filmstro’s music creation tool? What is your process for picking up a track for an edit? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

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