Formatt Hitech Cine Superslim Filters Announced – Lighter & Thinner Diffusion Cine Filters

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Formatt Hitech Cine Superslim Filters Announced – Lighter & Thinner Diffusion Cine Filters

Formatt Hitech is making their high quality, cinema-grade 4×5.6” lens filters lighter and thinner. The new Superslim 2mm thick Diffusion and Clear filters are half the thickness of standard filters, and weigh half as much too.

Designed with lightweight applications in mind, these new filters are a perfect for gimbal and drone work. They can also lighten the load on your back.

The new Superslim Clear Optical Flat and Superslim diffusion filters complement the existing Firecrest Superslim IRND filters from Formats Hitech. These filters are made from the lightest quality possible 4×5.6 cinema grade glass. Superslim filters are half the weight and thickness, with excellent optical quality and neutrality you can expect from Formatt Hitech.

Clear Supermist 1/4 Image credit: Formatt Hitech

But since these Superslim filters are only 2mm thick, they won’t strictly work with every matte box. They will fit directly into newer lightweight matte boxes with a clamping mechanism, like the Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom. However, an ARRI standard matte box will require the custom Firecrest Superslim 2mm 4×5.6 filter tray.

Two Superslim IRND, Clear or Diffusion filters can also be stacked together in one standard tray.

Cine Superslim Diffusion filters

The Superslim Diffusion filters are offered in strengths of 1/8 and 1/4 for the Clear Supermist and Black Supermist.

The Cine Superslim Clear Supermist and Black Supermist filters take the edge off of modern digital cameras and optics. 

These filters reduce contrast and flatter all complexions and skin tones. Tiny particulates that are bonded inside the filter diffuse the light path and easy off the fine detail. This slightly raises the shadowy areas while smoothing out the highlights. 

Black Supermist 1/4 Image credit: Formatt Hitech

As light passes through these filters, the bright specular highlights become diffused, creating a subtle halo effect on strong light sources. 

The Black Supermist and the Clear Supermist have a similar look, but the Black Supermist is a bit more subtle.

Cine Superslim Clear Optical Flat filter

Clear Optical Flat Image credit: Formatt Hitech

Made from Schott B270 super white optical glass, this lightweight filter are perfect for anywhere your lens may require extra protection from the elements.

Schott B270 is a borosilicate glass that is available in a thicknesses .3mm to 10mm. This glass delivers consistent light transmission from ultraviolet to near-infrared. Given its outstanding transmission properties, thickness range, and crystal-clear appearance, it is safe to assume filters from Formats Hitech are made of this material.

The 4×5.65″ Cine Superslim Clear filter costs $132/£98. The 4×5.65″ Cine Superslim diffusion Clear Supermist 1/8 and 1/4, and Black Supermist 1/8 and 1/4 cost $199/£148 each. All prices may be subject to local taxes.

For more information visit the Formatt Hitech website.

What do you think of these new filters? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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