Fotodiox EF to L-Mount Pro Fusion Adaptor Is Now Available

Fotodiox EF to L-Mount Pro Fusion Adaptor Is Now Available

If you have a large collection of Canon EF lenses and you are moving to one of the new L-Mount cameras, the new FotodioX EF to L-Mount Pro Fusion Adaptor could be a really great option until more new lenses come onto the market.

The Fotodiox EF to L-Mount Pro Fusion Adaptor

The FotodioX EF to L-Mount Pro Fusion Adaptor gives L-Mount camera owners a lot more lens choice. Image credit: Fotodiox

The new found popularity of the L-Mount system is due in no small part to Panasonic’s S series cameras. The DC-S1 and DC-S1H are some of the most prolific hybrid cameras out there right now.

But while the L-Mount system is a good one, it lacks the choice of glass that older formats enjoy. It appears to any onlooker that any new camera, or lens mount, lives or dies by its ability to be adapted to take Canon EF lenses.

This isn’t surprising, since there is so much choice of EF glass out there. It will be a very long time until the L-Mount has anything approaching the range currently available for EF.

Fotodiox EF to L-Mount Pro Fusion Adaptor in box

The Fotodiox Pro Fusion Adaptor is another great lens adaptor option for L-Mount camera owners. Image credit: Fotodiox

This is particularly noticeable when it comes to telephoto lenses. Put simply, if you want a native L-Mount telephoto lens 280mm is the maximum focal length currently available. Clearly this isn’t an ideal situation if you are a wildlife or sports photographer. The L-Mount system also currently lacks any options for tilt-shift and macro lenses.

Until now the only other active EF to L-Mount adaptor was Sigma’s MC-21. This is a well built adaptor, but it is really designed specifically for the company’s own lens models. Although it does work with a sizeable portion of other lenses as well.

Enter the FotodioX EF to L-Mount Pro Fusion Adaptor

Priced at $179.95, the Fotodiox adaptor is priced less than the Sigma MC-21. Fotodiox claims that all electronic functions such as autofocus, aperture control, and in-lens image stabilisation work with the adaptor.

Currently we have no information about whether this extends to continuous autofocus, which we know a lot of video guys use.

Fotodiox says that the new adaptor is an all-metal construction with chrome plated brass mounts to help ensure a solid, movement free, fit. Infinity focus is guaranteed. Additionally all EXIF and aperture data is sent to the camera.

Fotodiox EF to L-Mount Pro Fusion Adaptor rear

All electronic functionality including in-lens stabilisation and EXIF data transmission works with the new adaptor. Image credit: Fotodiox

The adaptor features a ‘function’ button, which if pressed turns off electronic communication. This is designed so that manual lenses can be used easily.

Adaptors like this give you the opportunity to tap into the vast choice of EF lenses out there, but it should be taken into consideration that not all lenses will perform the same. Older lenses performance in particular may vary considerably depending on the focus motors.

So while the adaptor will be a very useful option to have, you will need to choose the lenses you use with it carefully to ensure the best performance. To see some of the functions in action, Fotodiox produced the video below.

Will you be getting the FotodioX EF to L-Mount Pro Fusion Adaptor for your camera? What are your favourite lens adaptors? Let us know in the comments below!


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