2 Arrives with Tons of New Features

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The folks behind the popular online video collaboration tool have just released 2. This new version packs over 100 new features and a completely revamped and streamlined interface. Let’s dive into the changes and enhancements! 2 2 re-designed review page. 2 Overview

If you’ve ever had to work on a project with collegues and clients sitting miles away in another city or even another country, then you know the usual problem: uploading videos, bouncing emails back and forth, endless phone calls, confusing timecode lists… it’s a mess.

Two years ago, hit the market in order to solve exactly these kind of issues. A lot has happened since then, though, such as the integration with Adobe Premiere Pro (read about it HERE) and the introduction of their mobile app (full article HERE). They have now stepped up their game significantly with the introduction of 2.

The team has revamped the whole interface in order to improve the user experience and the efficiency of the app. They claim that a lot of the features are based on their customers’ feedback, which is always a good habit for multi-user products like this. Have a look at the video below to get an idea of the new features:

Did that intro video already get you hooked? Here’s one that explains the new Review Pages in more detail.

One of the best things is that the client doesn’t have to log in at all in order to get access to the full set of tools. You just have to provide them with a generated project link to 2, and they’re all set. There’s even a short 1-minute video that explains the very basics, so your clients can get going fast once they’ve received the link to your project.

Also new to 2 is the ability to export assets or the whole timeline as proxies in different resolutions. Another cool improvement is the integrated and streamlined upload process to video platforms such as Vimeo. The list goes on and on…

Detailed List of New Features

You can read all about the new 2 over at their website. Here’s a detailed list of the new features and improvements: 2

The new dashboard view in 2.


  • Projects dashboard has been redesigned for speed and simplicity
  • New breadcrumb bar makes it easier to navigate your folder structure
  • New search bar to quickly find projects in the sidebar
  • Collaborators now show up at the top of the page
  • New collaborator pane simplifies the searching, inviting, and management of people to a project
  • New list view with sort by name, uploaded date, and size capability
  • “Mini scrub” enables hover scrubbing over video thumbnails in list view
  • Drag and drop files between projects without taking up more storage space
  • New join request panel allows collaborators to request team member permissions if they try to perform an action that is restricted
  • New status badges show up in the thumbnail grid so you can quickly see the status of any clip
  • New download options allow you to download proxy MP4 files with three resolution options 2

The new player window.


  • The Player page has been revamped for a better media viewing and commenting experience
  • The new SMPTE-compliant source timecode display supports non-drop and drop frame timecode
  • New asset slider allows navigation between assets without leaving the player page
  • New comment heads on the player timeline help visualize who left a comment and where
  • New labelling feature helps manage approval workflows by communicating and keeping track of a clips status
  • Choose between Approved, In Progress, and Needs Review for your assets
  • After changing a label you can choose whom to notify in a new email messaging pane
  • Copy and paste comments (including replies) from one clip version to another
  • Printable PDF for comments include asset thumbnails, timecode, comments, annotations, and completion status
  • Introduction of the FIOXML file format for downloading comments. Comments are now also exportable as CSV and XML
  • Export comments to Final Cut Pro X. Requires the free Desktop Companion App to parse the comments and import into FCP X
  • Export comments to Avid Media Composer
  • New loop feature helps you repeat playback of an entire clip
  • Instantly publish to Vimeo (that’s faster than publishing on with full privacy controls
  • Added metadata to info panel: Upload date/time, filename, and uploader


  • New Review Pages to collect feedback and approvals from external clients (no login required)
  • Review Pages are highly configurable: set passwords, expirations, download permissions, and approval permissions, as well as a custom name to identify each link
  • New Review Page management to add or remove media from an existing link or update its permissions
  • Added expiration option to Presentation Pages

Accounts Page

  • Redesigned account dashboard provides a summary of storage used, number of team members and collaborators, total project count, total file count, and total duration logged in
  • New Users page makes it easy to manage team members: inviting users to your team, deleting users from your account, and changing a user between an admin or regular member role
  • Admins can manage branding and billing
  • Billing page now contains invoice history, the ability to upgrade plans and credit card information
  • Easily log yourself out of other active sessions from other browsers or devices
  • New Apps & Integrations page provides a list of all 3rd-party integrations. These include NLE applications: Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and Final Cut Pro X. They also include cloud integrations with Vimeo and Slack


  • Support for creating and managing new Review Pages


The 2 collaboration framework works on a subscription-based model. There’s a free tier with 1 project and 2 GB worth of storage included. After that there are basically four different tiers:

Starter: $15 per month – 3 projects and 10GB of storage.

Pro: $25 per month – unlimited projects, 50GB of storage, 25 collaborators and 0 team members.

Team: $50 per month – unlimited projects, 100GB of storage, 50 collaborators and 5 team members.

Business: $150 per month – unlimited projects, 400GB of storage, unlimited collaborators and 15 team members.

In this case, “Collaborators” are clients who have access to one given project only while team members share the whole list of projects with you. They can edit projects and permissions, invite others or create new projects.

Conclusion 2 seems to be a very decent evolution of their already decent video collaboration tool. There are others, of course, like or for example. You’ll have to find out for yourself which one better suits your needs in order to make an educated buying decision.

source: website.

Do you use any kind of video collaboration tool already? Let us know in the comments below!

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