FUJIFILM X Summit GLOBAL 2021 – Live Stream

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FUJIFILM X Summit GLOBAL 2021 - Live Stream

Today, January 27th at 14:00 CET, (08:00 EST / 05:00 PST), FUJIFILM will conduct their (Virtual) annual X Summit GLOBAL and keeping up with tradition, we have the reason to believe that new cameras and/or lenses will be introduced.

Like many other current industry events, the FUJIFILM X Summit GLOBAL will take place later today, in an online way. So, what should we expect when it comes to video functionality? Let’s speculate together…

A new GFX Type Camera?

Personally, for quite some time now, I wanted to see a medium format, GFX100 type of camera but at a much reduced shape and price. Something that will make sense for filmmakers too (102 Mega Pixels is great for photography but not so relevant for us filmmakers). Now, taking into consideration that the original GFX100 was introduced two years ago in a similar event, there is a good reason to assume that a new large format camera is coming. By the way, if you missed the opportunity, please head to our 2-part documentary, where we followed the birth of the GFX100 (part 1 can be found here and part 2 here). Speaking of which, the original GFX100 has an amazing In body Image Stabilisation system (IBIS), great autofocus and a beautiful 4K “filmic picture aesthetic and look”. In addition, the ability to record 4K ProRes RAW externally to an Atomos Ninja V monitor recorder is also a big plus (see our initial review and sample footage of the GFX100 by clicking here).

So, to summarize the GFX section, if FUJIFILM believes that medium format is the new Full Frame, it should come close in price, at least in my opinion.

Additional X Summit GLOBAL Announcements?

Traditionally, what is an X Summit event without announcing new lenses? We will keep this article updated and of course monitor the event together with you guys.


  • FUJIFILM X SUMMIT GLOBAL 2021 starts now
  • Event streaming from FUJIFILM Taiwa Factory
  • GFX100 now used for digital archiving due to 400MP feature indroduced in latest firmware
  • New film simulation called “Nostalgic Neg” announced
  • FUJIFILM GFX100s officially announced
  • smaller components and smaller battery allows 460 shots on one charge
  • camera weighs only 900g (just 160g heavier compared to average full frame camera)
  • GFX100 features improved fast autofocus speeds of minimum of 0.18 seconds
  • face and eye detection AF feature 50% shorter lag time
  • event is being shot on GFX100s
  • GFX100S shoots 4K video
  • price of the camera $5,999
  • camera will be available in February 2021
  • GF80mmF1.7 introduced
  • GF80mm will also be available in February for $2,299
  • another lens: XF70-300mm f/4-5.6 available in March 2021 for $799
  • New FUJIFILM X-E4 with APS-C sensor announced
  • X-E4 is the smallest X-mount camera with similar design as X-Pro series
  • X-E4 features same sensor and processor as X-T4 and features 180° flip screen
  • New lens XF27mm f/2.8 R WR also introduced with X-E4
  • XF27mm now has aperture ring, otherwise very similar to previous model
  • GFX system 5th birthday: 4 bodies and 13 lenses available
  • Event is over – live discussion part with FUJIFILM X photographers now happening.

What do you think will FUJIFILM announce? Are you going to watch the announcement? Let us know in the comment section below.

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