GDU’s New Accessories for RED Cameras Launched

GDU's New Accessories for RED Cameras Launched

RED camera accessory specialist GDU (Global Dynamics United) launched a new range of accessories for the RED V-RAPTOR, KOMODO, and KOMODO-X cameras. Let’s look at the details of GDU’s new accessories.

The beauty of GDU’s accessories is the customization for this single-camera brand philosophy. They enhance your RED camera’s appearance while showing high levels of engineering and machining.

GDU’s new Quantum Matte Box Hanger system. Image: GDU.

Like this Quantum Matte Box Hanger system designed for Tilta’s Mirage Matte Box – it incorporates the light Matte box into a structurally more robust unit for an extended camera set-up. The Mirage becomes an integral part of a stronger aerospace–grade aluminum frame. 

You can then use their 15mm rods to extend the camera build, as the Quantum has support options on both sides, to which you can also add handles.

The package comprises one Matte Box Frame, six GDU Micro Wing Nuts, four Toolless Thumbscrews, and one Quantum 15mm LWS Side Rod Adaptor.

GDU’s new accessories – two new mounts

GDU’s Universal Monitor Mount. Image: GDU

The Universal Monitor Mount is compatible with the V–RAPTOR and both KOMODO cameras, and bolts directly to the tops of all the cameras, but, in effect, you could use it for any camera with the correct mounting threads.

The unit’s advantage is its ability to pivot and rotate your monitor to fit your purpose almost anywhere you have mounting points. You can also clamp a monitor to the rods to give a sideways view for an assistant, perhaps. 

GDU’s Universal Monitor Mount. Image: GDU.

Another new mount is the Mighty Mount, another pivoting and rotating universal product designed to disconnect quickly using a wing nut design. It slides onto a 15mm rail and can be extended to provide more length.

You get a single 1/4-20 screw for connecting to monitors and other accessories. Also, two 1/4-20 and two M4 tapped holes for other accessory mounts.

Both mounts are machined from aerospace-grade aluminum.

GDU’s Mighty Mount. Image: GDU

Rods and adaptor

GDU’s Side Rod Adaptor. Image: GDU.

GDU’s 15mm LWS (Lightweight Studio) Side Rod Adapter connects to either side of the V-RAPTER or KOMODO. Locking support is for 15mm rods, but you have other 1/4-20 bolt mounting points on the top and bottom of the adaptor for handles and other accessories. Any 15mm rail system will work with the system.

The kit includes four GDU Micro Wing Nuts, one Quantum 15mm LWS Side Rod Adaptor, and one 5/32″ wrench.

GDU’s new Ultralite 15mm rods are milled from the same aerospace-grade aluminum as the new universal mounts. GDU has pared down the weight from previous designs and added M12 threads on both ends so they are extendable. The rods come in four different sizes: 4″, 6″, 9″, and 12″.

For more information please visit GDU’s website.

If you own or use any GDU accessories, please feel free to let us know in the comments section below – what do you think of them and are you interested in these new additions?

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