How to Stream Live from iOS Devices for Free, Using Newtek NDI HX Camera and OBS Studio

How to Stream Live from iOS Devices for Free, Using Newtek NDI HX Camera and OBS Studio

Newtek’s NDI HX camera app turns any iOS device into a 4K NDI streaming camera source. Get the apps free until the end of May.

Setting up Newtek’s NDI HX iOS Camera app and NDI HX Capture for live 4K wireless streaming using OBS Studio is now entirely free, and surprisingly easy to set up. From downloading and installing the NDI HX app on my iPhone, to installing Newtek’s free NDI Tools, OBS Studio and NDI plugin for OBS on my Mac took less than 5 minutes. I had the live feed over Wifi from the iPhone showing in OBS within a minute or two more.

Newtek NDI HX Camera

The NDI HX Camera app allows your iOS device camera to be used as an NDI source. It’s simple and easy to use and is automatically recognized by NDI compatible receiving devices on the same network.

Newtek NDI HX Capture

The NDI HX Capture app allows your iOS screen itself to be used as an NDI source. This lets you stream apps and whatever you might need from your iPhone or iPad display.

Getting online using OBS Studio with one or more iOS devices really is fast and simple, all thanks to Newtek NDI.

What You’ll Need

The hardware you need to set this up is very simple.

  • iPhone or iPad
  • Mac or Windows PC or laptop
  • Wifi router with an internet connection

There are a few bits of software you’ll need to download and install.

Once you have everything installed, and have given the necessary access and system permissions, adding your iOS device as an NDI camera source in OBS Studio is very straightforward.

Adding Your iOS NDI Camera Source in OBS Studio

Once you’ve set up OBS with the required stream settings, you can then add your camera sources.

When you open OBS you’ll see a box on the bottom just left of the center panel called “Sources”. Adding your iPhone as a new NDI Source is as simple as clicking the “+” icon, and selecting NDI Source.

You will create a new source and give it a name.

Finally, you will select your source from the “Source Name” drop-down menu. As long as the NDI HX camera app is running on your iOS device, and it is on the same wifi network, it will be auto-detected and show up in the drop-down menu. After you’ve selected your camera, click OK.

You should then see the camera live preview.

It really is that simple to set up and use, making it free now for anyone to use professional Newtek NDI tools for online streaming.

What are you using to live stream? What do you think of the Newtek NDI HX Camera and Capture app? Let us know in the comments below.


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