INSIDE ADOBE – An Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Documentary

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Adobe is a well known company in our filming industry (and beyond). But for me personally, it was time to ask what lies behind just the name. So I’ve reached out with the request to visit some of their facilities in the US, intending to “create a face”, asking who this huge company actually is. As an avid Adobe Premiere user (Since version 4.0), I’ve always wanted to meet the people who are behind the development of this software, so I was truly happy to see Adobe responding favourably to my offer by inviting me to spend a few days with Patrick Palmer (Principal Product Manager) and some of his Adobe Premiere team members. 

Adobe’s HQ in San Jose


During the summer, I had the chance to visit three of Adobe’s offices in the US (Santa Monica, San Jose and San Francisco). My intention was to meet the people who are behind the software I use for editing and try to understand their professional routine just a tiny bit better. During my stay, I met the people who are in charge on Adobe Premiere’s quality control, VR, and software designing. I also had a nice “facility introduction” at the headquarter in San Jose and at “the cloud” in San Francisco.

Yes, Adobe Premiere has its bugs and yes, I lost some of my hair throughout the years while using it, BUT it is encouraging to see the pride and dedication the people working on it have. I hope that the evidence of their sincere effort to make Premiere more stable and responsive will be seen in every new release – as at Adobe, they are totally aware of the discomfort and criticism the filming community has when something does not work well. 

I hope you will take a minute (or 19) to sit back and enjoy this exclusive “behind the scenes” journey.

Adobe office in San Francisco


Inside Adobe’s office in San Francisco


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Of course not all subjects can be covered during such a short stay, please feel free to comment in the section below if you’d like to contribute to the conversation.

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Full discloser: Johnnie was a guest of Adobe. Transportation and accommodation for the trip were paid by them.


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