Insta360 ONE R Software Updates and Summer Sale

July 3rd, 2020
Insta360 ONE R Software Updates and Summer Sale

Insta360 just released some updates to its Studio software and ONE R App. On the desktop software version 3.5.0, you now have Apple ProRes support, as well as Smart Track and Timeshift feature, only available in the mobile App previously. In the App version 1.3.5, you’ll get access to a couple of new Shot Lab effects, a Jump Cut edit mode, 360 transitions, and so on. Also, if you’re not an Insta360 ONE R owner yet, the company is having a big summer sale on the ONE R Twin, ONE R 1-inch edition, the Insta360 GO, the Pro2, ONE X accessories, and the ONE Apple Bundle. Let’s take a closer look!

Insta360 ONE R App Update

The Insta360 ONE R, which works in conjunction with the ONE R camera that we reviewed already, is getting a significant update just before the summer. The App is compatible with iOS and Android devices, and here is a list of all the latest features you’ll get in version 1.3.5:

  • Jump cut mode is an easy way to trim out as many sections of your shot you don’t want and then easily merge all the bits you do want into one continuous clip. It will save you time because you no longer need to do multiple exports for each clip.
  • 360 Transitions allows you to link any of your 360 footage with a dynamic panning camera movement in the direction of your choice.
  • New Shot Lab effects: under the “stories” tab, you’ll find the Shot Lab section, which uses Artificial Intelligence to achieve some effects and do the edit for you automatically.

Image credit: Insta360

It really seems like Insta360 are putting a lot of work to continually bring you new features and creative effects to expand the capabilities of your ONE R camera. All these new features will be available in the next Insta360 ONE R App update, along with the latest Clone Trail and Parallel Planet effects.


Image credit: Insta360

Insta360 Studio Software Update

Like most filmmakers, I also like to edit my footage on my computer and not only my smartphone. The good news is, there is also an update to the Insta360 Studio software. In the latest version of Insta360 Studio (version 3.5.0 for macOS and Windows), you can now export your footage in Apple ProRes 422. ProRes export is supported for any footage you edit in Insta360 Studio. This is great if you want to mix some of your Insta360 footage to other sources in an NLE.

ONE R Updates2.0

Image credit: Insta360

Also, the Insta360 Studio software (scroll down here) now supports a lot more languages, including German, Spanish, Russian, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean, Italian, Chinese – Simplified, Chinese-Traditional, and English.

Finally, two new features that were only available in the Insta360 ONE R App are now available in the Studio software: Smart Track and TimeShift. Smart Track uses AI object recognition to lock onto a subject and keep them center-frame wherever they go. TimeShift is a unique technique that leverages ONE R’s dual-lens design to combine dynamic changes to both speed and perspective.


Image credit: Insta360

Insta360 Summer Sale

Last but not least, if you don’t have an Insta360 camera yet, the company is currently having a summer sale on many of their products, including:

  • Insta360 ONE R TWIN Edition: Was: $479.99 Now: $431.99 (Savings: $48.00).
  • Insta360 ONE R 1-inch Edition: Was: $549.99 Now: $494.99 (Savings: $55.00).
  • Insta360 GO: Was: $199.99 Now: $169.99 (Savings: $30.00).
  • ONE Apple Bundle: Was: $347.00 Now: $199.00 (Savings: $148.00).
  • Insta360 Pro 2: Was: $5068.98 Now: $4498.98 (Savings: $569.00).
  • Insta360 ONE X Accessories: Up to 40% off.

If you’re in the market for an action camera for this summer or a 360 camera, this can be the occasion to save a bit of money!

What do you think about all the new features in the Insta360 ONE R App and the Studio software? What is your favorite Insta ONE R effect at the moment? Let us know in the comments section below!


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 Doper Dan
Doper Dan
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Version 3.5.0 for macOS and Windows is still not on the download site. Do you have any idea when it will be released? Jul 16 2020

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