Kyno 1.4 is Here – Windows Support, LUTs and More

January 4th, 2018
Kyno 1.4 is Here - Windows Support, LUTs and More

The new year starts off with yet another update to Kyno. Lesspain Software’s take on easy footage reviewing, organisation, transcoding and labelling is now available for both Mac OS and Windows! Read on for all the features of Kyno 1.4.

Kyno 1.4

If you’re in need of a robust on-set solution for organizing, reviewing and preparing your footage for a seamless downstream postproduction, Kyno 1.4 is definitely worth a closer look. Check out our coverage on version 1.3 if you’re new to Kyno.

New Features of Kyno 1.4

The biggest news in Kyno 1.4 is the support for Microsoft Windows machines! This much-needed feature had been in beta for quite some time, and Lesspain promises that the outcome is a rock-solid product. Together with the Mac OS version, Kyno 1.4 results in a fully cross-platform solution for everything that has to be done before post production.

Another big improvement is the support for LUTs. The software provides seamless integration of LUT handling in material preview, organization and transcoding. Quality control and the creation of dailies of otherwise flat looking LOG footage becomes a breeze.

With its attention to detail, Lesspain has further improved the overall experience with Kyno 1.4. A new “play all” function accelerates your workflow allowing selected clips to be viewed in sequence with just one click or keyboard shortcut. Kyno’s list view can now be customized to taste. A new feature called “combine clips” does exactly that – an easy-to-use, metadata-aware function that adds an array of new options for delivery workflows. You can combine a few shots, add a corresponding shot list and deliver all this as a neat package with its own tag straight to your NLE of choice.

Kyno 1.4

LUT support in Kyno 1.4 (player & transcoder)

You can now add a timecode overlay to your transcodes, which can be useful when generating review copies. GoPro’s Cineform is now supported as yet another 10-bit codec to choose from. When exporting an XML file, you now can set the file paths to relative, making it super easy to deploy a self-contained package without the need to reconnect within your NLE.

New Pricing model

A regular license for Kyno is €159 and, beginning with Kyno 1.4, users with licenses older than a year will no longer receive any updates. This one is a double-edged sword. You have to purchase an update for your license if you want to get the latest releases. A year’s worth of updates is $79/€79, but Lesspain Software makes it clear that this is not a subscription. Your existing license won’t get voided and you can use your version of Kyno as long as you please. However, if you want to get updates, you’ll have to pay.

Kyno 1.4

It should be obvious that a relatively small studio like Lesspain Software has to find the funds in order to keep working on relevant updates to its lineup of products. I think the solution they’ve come up with is reasonable. You don’t have to pay if you’re fine with your existing version of Kyno, but if some of the features appeal to you, you can still decide to fork over the cash. That way, Kyno can flourish with even more helpful future releases.

To ease the pain, Lesspain offers a 25% discount on the regualar pice as well as on the license update price. The sale will run until the end of January, and there is also a free 30-day trial available for download. You can even use it if you’ve tried it before, as all trials have been reset.

links: Lesspain Software

Is Kyno 1.4 something you’ve waited for? Let us now what you think in the comments below!


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Kyno 1.4 Windows support luts is supporting various fields. Kyno is a cross-platform that is used before the post-production. you can also check the site for the technical issues related to Microsoft support services.

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