LaCie Rugged BOSS SSD Drive – Backup and Preview Your Footage On The Go

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The new LaCie Rugged Boss SSD features a built in SD card reader to transfer files and preview footage when on location. The new range address the needs of portable storage with three new, tough hard drives. 

As higher resolutions and larger data rates become the norm, hard drives need to keep up too. The new LaCie Rugged SSD drives address the needs of today’s content creators, DIT’s and filmmakers with super fast drives, and drives with built in SD card readers. The most interesting of the three new drives is the LaCie Rugged Boss SSD; ideal for backing up footage on the go when in remote locations.

Back Up and Play Back Footage On The Go

What I think is the most interesting portable drive of the new Rugged range, the LaCie Rugged Boss 1TB SSD has an in-built SD card reader and USB port with read/write speeds of up to 430MB/s. Through an app, users can transfer and back up files on SD cards, rename the files and even look back at the footage.

Real-time status updates are displayed on the drive, which also shows battery life (no rating on this yet), capacity and transfer status. This would be ideal for the travelling filmmaker, photographer, or backing up footage on location when you don’t have access to a laptop. The BOSS Pro SSD drive is also dust, splash and drop resistant.

LaCie Rugged SSD

This drive is a combination of speed and resistance, featuring read/write speeds up to 950MB/s via USB 3.1. Ideal for a range of filming and playback applications including RAW footage too. The SSD drive is available in three capacities; 500GB, 1TB and 2TB, all of which are IP67 rated to withstand water, 2 tonnes of crushing by a vehicle and being dropped by a height of 3 meters.

LaCie Rugged Pro SSD

This high performance drive is built for filmmakers and DIT’s to back up and playback footage up to 8K resolution or super slow motion on location. Bolstering read/write speeds of up to 2800MB/s via Thunderbolt 3 or USB 3.1, the drive can be used across devices or locations. It is considerably smaller than the BOSS too, in the same line to compete with the likes of the Samsung T5 drive, which is a popular choice for BMPCC owners.

The drive is built to withstand tough environments too; reportedly it can survive drops from 3 meters, can spend up to 30 minutes under 1 meter of water and is rated at IP67 for dust and water resistance. On top of that, the drive can also withstand being crushed by a two-tonne vehicle. Whether this is true in a real world scenario, that will need to be tested.

For DJI drone pilots, LaCie also have the DJI Copilot portable drive, which features 2TB of storage, compatibility with an iPad Pro and USB charging too. The operation of offloading files directly to the drive via SD card, and previewing via an app is the same as the Rugged BOSS SSD, just without the SSD transfer speeds.

All of the new LaCie Rugged Boss SSD will feature Thunderbolt 3, USB-C and USB-3 connectivity for fast transfer speeds.

The new LaCie Rugged SSD drives are competitively priced, and as camera recording capabilities grow, filmmakers need faster drives to back up and play back footage on location. LaCie are certainly addressing this need with this new range. There is tough competition in this area from the likes of Gnarbox and Nexto DI, all offering very similar features. Will the price or the ‘rugged’ construction be the turning point to choose this over others?

What LaCie Rugged drive would you take with you on your next shoot? Let us know in the comments.


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