Laowa OOOM Cine Zoom 14-60mm T2.9 MFT and 20-85mm T4 S35 Lenses Announced

Laowa OOOM Cine Zoom 14-60mm T2.9 MFT and 20-85mm T4 S35 Lenses Announced

Laowa has announced two new compact lenses that add to the OOOM Cine Zoom series: the 14-60mm T2.9 for Micro Four Thirds and the 12-85mm T4 S35 Cine. Designed for independent filmmakers and small productions in mind, let’s take a look at them!

Laowa, a Chinese manufacturer producing third-party lenses for the most popular camera systems and mounts, has introduced two additions to their OOOM Cine Zoom Series. The lenses, an affordable and versatile option for those looking for zoom cine lenses on a budget, are the 14-60mm T2.9 and the 12-85mm T4 S35 Cine. The first is available on an MFT mount, while the second features a PL Mount.

Compact and versatile cine lenses

The two new OOOM Cine Zoom lenses deliver a wide focal length range, 14-60mm in MFT and 20-85mm in S35 sensors. Both lenses share an average 4x zoom range, making them an ideal solution for tight-budget productions or documentaries where changing lenses is less desirable. The compact size also helps, with approximately Ø3.15*6.77” / Ø80mm*172mm. 

While the OOOM 14-60mm T2.9 covers MFT sensors, the OOOM 20-85 T4 S35 Cine lens has a Ø31.5mm image circle, almost covering the ARRI Alexa 35 4.6K 3:2 Open Gate format. Both lenses feature a parfocal design, ensuring we keep focus while adjusting the focal length. This feature is helpful in both narrative and documentary scenarios. Laowa claims the lenses have low focus breathing and low distortion, and the close focus distance is 1’10” / 0.56m in both. The brand also notes their color rendition and contrast, although this is a subjective characteristic more dependent on the user’s taste and needs. Finally, the new lenses share the cinematic barrels and housings the other lenses in the series have.

Both lenses are a compact option for independent filmmakers. – Source: Laowa.

Key features

  • Over 4x Zoom Range in a compact body.
  • Super35+ Coverage.
  • Parfocal Design.
  • Low Focus Breathing.
  • Close Focus Distance of 1’10” (56cm).
  • Excellent Color Rendition & Contrast.
  • Low Distortion.
  • Professional Cine Housing. 
  • 284° Focus Throw.
  • Dual Scale Design.
  • Back Focus Adjustment Mechanism.
  • 77mm Filter Thread.
  • 80mm Front Diameter.

Price and availability 

The OOOM Cine Zoom Lenses are available on the Venus Optics official website and from authorized resellers. The OOOM 14-60mm T2.9 MFT Cine and the OOOM 20-85mm T4 S35 Cine have a price of $1,999 each in the US. Pricing will vary in different countries. 

What do you think of these new additions to the OOOM Cine Zoom Series by Laowa? Have you used any lenses from the series before? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

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