Litepanels Lykos+ LED Panels Announced – Lightweight & Bi-Color

Litepanels Lykos+ LED Panels Announced – Lightweight & Bi-Color

Litepanels, part of the Vitec Group, has just announced a new model in their line of small and portable LED lights: the Litepanels Lykos+ mini bi-color LED panels. A highly portable, yet powerful bi-color LED fixture for filmmakers on the go.

Does the name Lykos ring a bell? Well, this new Litepanels Lykos+ is not the same as Manfrottos Lykos 2.0 LEDs, nor is it the same as the existing Lykos range of LED fixtures. The Lykos+ is the successor to Litepanels Lykos LED lights and the latest and greatest model features the company’s flagship Astra LED technology.

Litepanles Lykos+
The new Litepanels Lykos+. Image credit: Litepanels

Litepanels Lykos+ LED

Although the new Lykos+ shares the same housing as the original Lykos fixture, it achieves over 40% more output. And while the previous model featured TIR lenses, Lykos+ now incorporates Astra LEDs, utilizing the full Astra LED design to maximize lumens per watt.

image credit: Litepanels

So what’s up with Manfrottos Lykos 2.0 , then? Well, according to Litepanels,

Lykos began as a joint project with Manfrotto. In this latest development each brand has taken the original design and optimised the features for its customers. At Litepanels we have taken this opportunity to align the LED technology in the Lykos⁺ with our best-selling Astra range.

Litepanels website

With that preamble out of the way, let’s talk about the new Litepanels Lykos+ LEDs. This new LED light appears to be a full-featured and indeed quite powerful bi-color LED light meant to be used on the road.

Lykos+ LED – features

The Litepanels Lykos+ LEDs come as a “full spectrum white light from 3,200K to 5,600K CCT”, so we’re talking true bi-color here. It also dims from 100% down to 0%, a feature that should be taken for granted, but not too long ago most LED lights only went down to 10%, so it’s nice to see flicker-free dimming across the range here.

image credit: Litepanels
  • Over 2,000 lux at 3ft/1m at 5600K
  • Astra LED and Lens technology for ultimate optical efficiency
  • 48 SMT LEDs (Surface Mount Technology), designed for improved optical efficiency
  • TLCI / CRI 96 color accuracy
  • Precision color temperature and brightness dials at your fingertips
  • 100-0% flicker-free adjustable brightness
  • L-Series battery mount
  • LCD display on the rear
  • Two 1/4″-20 mounting threads are available: one on top, one on the bottom
  • Cold shoe for additional mounting and adding accessories such as a microphone

In terms of photometrics, the Lykos+ LEDs pack quite a punch, putting out around 2000 lux (@3ft/1m) at any color temperature, which is also nice to see.

Photometrics of the Litepanels Lykos+ LED. Image credit: Litepanels

The unit itself measures just 10 x 6 x 2″ (25.4 x 15.2 x 5.1cm), making it a truly compact device. It has an integrated handle, two knobs to control brightness and CCT, and a small LCD screen on the back to control these values.

Powering options

These lights draw 23W each and have the comparative output to the original 1×1 (approx 400W Tungsten).

To power a Lykos+ fixture, you have several options: you can use the included AC adapter, mount an L-series battery on the back, or power it via a D-tap cable. If you use L-series batteries, you should also bring an external charger, as you cannot charge the battery with AC power from the light itself. The AC input is only for powering the fixture itself, nothing more.

Controlling the light remotely

If you like, you can buy an optional Bluetooth dongle that allows you to connect Lykos+ LEDs to your iPhone or iPad and control multiple devices with the Litepanels SmartLite Director iOS app. Note: This app appears to be available only for iOS at this time.

iOS app
Litepanels SmartLite Director iOS app. Image credit: Litepanels

Pricing and availability

The new Litepanels Lykos+ LEDs should be available very soon and they come in different kits to choose from:

  • single Lykos+ Bi-Color unit – $451.25
  • Lykos+ Bi-Color Flight Kit – $2,090
  • Lykos+ Bi-Color Flight Kit (with Battery Bundle US/UK/EU cables) – $2,470
  • DoPChoice Lykos+ Softbox – $142.50

link: Litepanles website

What do you think? Have you used Lykos (or Atsra) LEDs before? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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