Marshall Announces New 7" With HDMI Pass Through. $1199

February 9th, 2011 Jump to Comment Section

Marshall electronics announced a new 7″ HDMI pass through monitor with a “DSLR Ratio Adjustment” feature that will resize the image with cameras like the Canon 5D Mark II while in record mode. It looks like Vincent Laforet has had one for a little while. He broke the news on his blog. Suggested retail price is $1199 US.Here is a rip from the post.
Click here to check it out.

Here are the specifications.

High resolution 800 x 480 LCD panel

DSLR Ratio Adjustment

HDMI Auto Color Space and Ratio detect

Manual Gamma Adjustment

Adjustable Backlight

Image Flip

1/4″-20 mounts on all sides

Robust Power switch and rugged front panel

Variety of Markers, including user-adjustable

HDMI Loop-Through*

False Color On/Off

Peaking Filter On/Off

RGB Check Field / Field Detect

15:9, 16:9, 4:3, Pixel-to-Pixel modes

4 user-configurable function buttons

Scratch Resistant Protective Screen

RGB gain and bias control

“I’m very excited to share with you the new V-LCD70XP-HDMIPT monitor from Marshall Electroncs. It offers two new functions which many will find incredibly useful in the world of HDDSLR filmmaking.

The first feature is the HDMI loop through function – this is the first monitor on the market to offer this capability and it’s a pretty substantial feature for HDDSLR users. It’s one that many of us have been waiting for since the initial release of the 5D MKII.

With this new feature, you can now easily have an operator using a primary monitor to shoot, and a second person using a second monitor simultaneously – all through HDMI, and without the need for a converter or splitter box.

In other words – you can operate with any number of Marshall monitors – from the 5″ V-LCD50-HDMI, the 6.5″ V-LCD651STX-HDMI all the way to the 7″ LCD-70XP-HDMI – the new Marshall monitor will allow you to loop the signal through to any of these monitors from your camera’s HDMI output (as well as any of the upcoming EVFs)

If you choose to mount a second monitor on your rig, your 1st AC can pull focus from it, or you can of course share the signal with a director / DP / Producer now with a longer HDMI cable to a larger 17″ or 20″ monitor.

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